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Author Spotlight - Excerpt from Catch of the Day

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Enjoy the excerpt!
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Holy cow!

Gage looked over Lila's head and saw Cody stomping toward the dock, a big Igloo cooler in her arms, fire in her eyes, and steam escaping from her ears. He swallowed hard and tried to pry free, but Lila would have none of that.

"Now you just hold still, cutie patootie," she drawled, "and let little ole Lila give you your good luck hug." She crushed her barely-covered breasts against his abdomen, the neckline on her tank top drooping almost to her navel.

Cody reached the dock and stomped so hard he could feel the vibration in the boards. Her glare could singe the fins off an alligator gar, and he had Lila stuck to him like a tick. He was a sitting duck.

Cody looked even madder now than when she left to get the rest of her gear, which could only mean...

She was jealous.
Of Lila.

Cody's glare deepened upon final approach.

He grinned for real.

Zeke Tumson, my ass. She likes me.

He stopped trying to struggle free of Lila and waited for Cody to get to the boat and the fireworks to begin. Lila felt his struggle cease and snuggled in closer, rubbing every inch of her front against him and laying her cheek on his chest. A week ago, Lila's antics would have elicited a very pronounced and noticeable reaction. Today -- he glanced down to check -- nothing. His gaze shot to Cody steaming down the dock. Had she done this to him?

"Mmmm," Lila cooed and squiggled her body again, "good luuuuck."

Cody marched mere steps away. When Lila purred, Cody hesitated for the span of a second, made a sharp left, stepped down into the johnboat, and proceeded to hook up her livewell. He waited a five-count. Cody kept her head down and fooled with the tubing attached to the cooler. He had to move. If he didn't, Lila would be in his shorts any second.

Maybe he should let...

Nope, bad idea. Cody would push him overboard later and drive off and leave him. Heck, she may already be planning to do just that.

He cleared his throat to be sure Cody heard. "Thanks for seeing us off, Lila," he said politely.

No reaction from Cody.

"I didn't come to see her off," Lila said in a snit. "Just yooou," she cooed and rubbed her breasts against him again.

Cody missed it. She never looked up.

"All right, you get on back to your registration table, and let me get to my fishing." He took her shoulders and physically set her back.

Cody finished with the livewell and picked up a fishing rod.

Lila batted her eyelashes. "I'll be waiting when you get back, sugar. What say we have dinner tonight?"

No way was he answering that question. He smiled and stuck a foot out to step down in the johnboat. Lila chose that instant to hook her finger into his belt loop to tug him back.

Too late, Gage saw the butt end of Cody's rod push off on the dock cleat, and the johnboat shot back the full three feet of loose bow and stern line.

His sneaker stepped out into thin air, and he dropped like a rock.

He hit the water at an angle, and Lila followed him in, her index finger still hooked in his belt loop. The water wasn't nearly cold enough to chill his white-hot temper, and he broke the surface with an indignant roar. Lila climbed him like a dock piling, and he struggled for a moment to keep his head above water until he gained control and pulled her toward the dock.

Cody leaned over the side of the boat, eyes wide with innocence. "I'm so sorry," she said.

He didn't buy it for a second. She climbed out onto the dock and extended a hand to help them out. Two anglers appeared on either side of her and nudged her out of the way to pull Lila from the water. Both men were rightfully compensated, judging by their gapes. Lila's white sundress stuck to her like a second skin and looked far more transparent wet than it had dry. Lila hadn't stopped squawking since she came up for air the first time, but the appreciative stares of the two anglers slowed her down considerably. One of the anglers pulled Gage out, while the other stared at Lila.

When Gage climbed up on the dock, he rounded on Cody. "What the hell was that for?" he thundered.

Hard to believe, but her blue eyes grew even wider. "What do you mean?" she said, so calm and innocent he fought the urge to turn her over his knee.

"You did that on purpose."

He almost bought the innocent routine. Almost.

"You did, you little bitch!" Lila hissed and took a step toward her.

Cody didn't back down. She turned to face Lila, and the innocence left her eyes as her cheeks pinked with anger. "Don't blame me if you're clumsy."

"Clumsy!" Lila shrieked. "Why you misbegotten--" Her hand reared back, and Gage deftly snagged her backswing.

"Enough," he ordered. "You need to go change clothes, Lila, and so do I." Damned if he would spend the morning in wet clothes. He kept hold of Lila's hand and marched her down the dock and across the grass past more gaping anglers.

Cody called after them, "Gage, you better be back by our flight time or--"

He spun around. "Or what?" he thundered.

Back came the wide-eyed look and innocent smile. She shrugged. "Or I'll just have to wait for you."

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"4 Stars...CATCH OF THE DAY is Ms. McCarty’s second release and like the first one, EVERGLADES, presents the reader with likeable characters, a mini suspense, and an engaging storyline with an environmental edge. Great story and I am looking forward to more by this author." -- The Romance Readers Connection

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