Thursday, 4 February 2010

Featured FEB 2010 Release - The Family Way

Lisa thought she walked into her marriage with her eyes wide open, aware of the hard task of getting the approval of her cold, domineering father-in-law. When she discovered she was pregnant, she thought she would finally be accepted, but Todd's reaction to the news was the last thing she expected: "Is it mine?"

She had endured his father's constant criticism because she thought Todd loved her, but now she wasn't so sure. Maybe Todd had never loved her, and he was more like his father than she dreamed. To protect her baby, should she leave him, and refuse to continue the Montgomery family tradition? Where did being a 'good Christian wife' end, and the need to protect her sanity and her baby begin?


Lindsey, Todd's oldest sister and her husband, Kevin stood in the hall. They were both dressed up for an evening out; suits and high heels, that cashmere coat that looked so good on Kevin, and Lindsey had her hair swept up with the blue and pearl clips Lisa had given her for her birthday.

A stab of envy shot through Lisa, followed by a sharp hunger pang. They were going out for dinner. How long had it been since Todd took her out?

"You're not ready," Lindsey said, after looking Lisa up and down. She chuckled. "Are we early again?"

"Ready for what?" Lisa stood back and beckoned for them to come in. The mantel clock in her office chimed the half hour.

"Yep," Kevin said. "We're early. How's the cartoon business treating you, Lisa?"

"Fine." She looked back and forth between the McNeals, feeling grubbier with each passing second. "What's going on?"

"Todd said you two had something important to tell everybody, so he made reservations at the Mediterranean." Lindsey took a step closer, her blue eyes narrowing a little as she looked over Lisa’s baggy jeans and sweatshirt. "Don't tell me my idiot brother forgot to tell you what time?"

"He didn't bother inviting me." Her throat closed for a minute, then Lisa swallowed hard and tried to smile. "Look, whatever is going on, I'm really not in the mood. I spent the whole day bent over my desk and my head hurts -- "


Michelle has been a book addict since picking up 'The Cat in the Hat'.

She started writing her own stories in junior high, when TV shows didn't turn out like she thought they should. Her first rejection letter came the summer after high school graduation, her first published story was in connection with fan fiction, and her first sale was in the Writers of the Future anthology.

With a BA in theater/English and an MA in Communications, focused on film and writing, she has worked for a local newspaper, then in advertising, and now works as a freelance editor. She is published in multiple sub-genres of romance, as well as SF and fantasy. Awards include being a finalist in the Dreamrealms and EPPIE competitions, with an EPPIE win in 2006.


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