Wednesday, 17 February 2010

An Interview with Michelle Sutton, author of First Impressions

#1 - With your novel, "First Impressions," was there a real Jimmy in your background?

Actually I have a picture of him if you are interested I could scan it in. Yes, he was 17 and boy was he hot, like a blond John Stamos. I was 13 and not fat or buck-teethed, but I did wear glasses. He actually liked me and kissed me one time that summer. It was in the back yard between the rows of corn my dad was growing in the garden. One of my sisters snuck up behind us and saw him kiss me. His face turned beet read, poor guy. But, yeah, it was summer romance to remember for sure. In those days a kiss was a big deal, if you know what I mean?

STEPH: Awww... I should have gotten back to you sooner; I would have liked to have seen the picture.

#2 - Were you Sammie? Did you know a Sammie growing up?

In this story I became Sammie. I always wanted larger breasts and thinner legs so she got them for me. I did have eye surgery and braces like she did, though. Plus, I know a ton of people in the military since I live near Fort Huachuca so research was easy as pie!

#3 - Jimmy's faith is so important to him. How did you come to write "edgy" inspirational romance?

This was the first book I ever wrote. I had no idea there were "rules" back in 2003 when I wrote my first draft. A-hem, can you see why Steeple Hill rejected it? . Anyway, I thought it would be fun to write a story about a good Christian guy who started to forget his convictions the more time he spent with this hot girl he couldn't stay away from. And I wanted to show how one of the things that drew her to him was the very thing he blew off to be with her. His faith.

#4 - Did Jimmy and Sammie really wait for their wedding night?

In the story? Of course. :P In reality, I never saw him after that summer when I was thirteen so I couldn't tell you what would've happened if I had met him again and was single. I would hope I'd have done the right thing, but I've made my share of mistakes before. However, my husband of almost 20 years and I did wait for our wedding night to be intimate with each other. We'd both had prior experiences with the opposite sex prior to marriage and we wanted our wedding night to be special, so we behaved ourselves, though it was tough.

#5 - Did you secretly write the love scene between Sammie and Jimmy and aren't sharing?

Oh, I've had plenty of love scenes of my own in lifetime to share. And what romance writer's husband isn't thrilled to do research for her latest book. Tee hee. Happy men they definitely are...

STEPH: Thanks for popping in today and talking about your latest release. Smiles, Steph


  1. Michelle--I enjoyed learning about your style of writing and your explanation of "edgy" Inspirational. Your book sounds delightful. I hope to learn more about you as times goes by--I'm rather new, myself, with a book out in September. Celia

  2. Celia, I enjoyed the book very much. I loved the character introspection the most. Michelle did a great job with the push/pull of it.