Thursday, 11 February 2010

Featured Interview with Sandra Sookoo, Author of "The Trouble with Love"

I'd like to welcome Sandra Sookoo to the blog today. She's the author of "The Trouble with Love." Onto the questions.

1 - "The Trouble with Love" is your latest release with Desert Breeze. How did you come up with the plot? What inspired you?

This was actually the second book I’d ever completed. To say that I knew nothing about the craft of writing while putting together this story was an understatement. I thought up the plot at work. You see, four years ago, I was working as a secretary in a title company that had nearly zero business, which left a lot of time for writing. I thought it would be funny to write a story about a woman who had a secret admirer who was also the guy she’d known her whole life.

What inspired me? LOL At that time, boredom. No work at the day job and needing to “look” busy and use up my brain power, I wrote. It wasn’t until I’d gotten laid off and had absolutely nothing else to do that I actually finished the book, and I use the term “finished” loosely. It got killed in a crit group and on the contest circuit. I’d picked it apart on those recommendations so much that it didn’t resemble my book anymore.

I put it away for a year or so thinking that it would never see the light of day. Then Gail came along and fell in love with it. Who knew?

STEPH: Well, I'm glad you showed it to Gail! It's a very inspirational story, and I have to say, I have issues with critique groups. I think it is a good idea on idea to get feedback on your work. A guy a work was a writer and had a critique group he went to and all he would do was come back and complain about how they didn't like his story. Anyhow, I'm digressing - Forgive me. I just might do a post in the future about critique groups.

#2 - How long did it take you to write the story? What's your writing process?

It took about two years because I wasn’t fully concentrating on it.

My writing process now is to work on edits/interviews/blog posts in the mornings then after lunch, I’ll write, pause for dinner then write the rest of the evening unless hubby and I have something else going on or there’s something interesting on TV

STEPH: Thumbs up!

#3 - Cast the movie - Who is Madelyn? Gordy?

LOL I have no idea. I’m really bad at casting actors for my books.

#4 - Do you write other genres other than romance? If so, what? What appeals to you about those other genres?

Other genres? Not really. I firmly believe romance is an integral part of life and there’s love in all things. For now, I’m happy in the romance genre. I’ll keep you posted LOL

STEPH: If you do try something new, let us know. I think you'd be great tackling a Young Adult story.
#5 - What's your next writing project?

At the moment, I’ve just finished a vampire novella which is the first of a planned series. For the next couple of months, I plan to concentrate on a paranormal/fantasy book, hoping for 85K. After that, who knows?

#6 - Have you seen any good movies lately? Which one?

Actually, there have been two recently that I’ve really liked. The first was TOOTH FAIRY with Duane—The Rock—Johnson. Cute movie. I loved it because I write a lot about mythical beings and myths and legends. LOL

The second movie was JULIE & JULIA. I liked this one because I could identify with both characters. I loved Julia’s strength and attitude of doing what she wants regardless of what others think. But I think I’m more like Julie who freaks out, has meltdowns and questions her confidence. Other than that, I haven’t really watched a whole lot.

STEPH: I want to take my son to see Tooth Fairy. He's 7 and losing his teeth so I think he'd get a kick out of it!

#7 - Do you write to music? Do you have a favorite CD you like to listen to?

Sometimes I do. I’ve got tons of CDs loaded onto the laptop and I’ll just set it to shuffle and listen to that or streaming popular rock from the web. Other times, if I’m writing a love scene and need something strong to get me through, I’ll pop in Elvis or Brittany Spears, etc. LOL Other times, I have to have quiet, especially if the plot’s complicated.

#8 - Have you been to Disney World lately? Who is your favorite Disney character?

Unfortunately, no I haven’t. Hubby and I have a trip booked for the day after Thanksgiving this year, and that seems so far away. My favorite character? Hands down Pooh Bear. Nothing ever bothers him. He never worries. The other character who runs a close second would be Tinker Bell. She causes a bunch of trouble and it doesn’t seem to bother her LOL

STEPH: Pooh Bear rocks! When I had Joe's baby shower it was Pooh Bear themed. Joe even looks like Pooh Bear in a way. haha.

Sandra, thanks so much for popping in today. It was great to talk to you.


  1. I definitely fell in love with this book - but I'm tor between which is my favorite - The Trouble With Love or Not Just Make Believe.

    Forget it, I know... The Trouble With Love. I adore best friend love stories. It's great when the person realizes that closeness and pull to each other they've felt for so long is so much more than just friendship.


  2. Thanks Steph! Loved the Tooth Fairy movie. Come on. It's The Rock! LOL Thanks for having me here today. :-)

    I hope others will fall in love with my books, too :-)

  3. I've decided that Dwayne (because while I hate the name Dwayne, The Rock is worse when referring to someone with hero potential) is going to be the inspiration for a hero one day in a book of mine. He's a funny guy, and not afraid to go out there a bit on roles, and yet... he can be sexy and romantic. So... great well rounded potential. :-)

    I haven't seen Tooth Fairy yet... want to, though.


  4. LOL I think he's awesome. He reminds me of Robert Irvine on Dinner Impossible on the Food Network. Both have huge hero potential :-)

  5. I'm glad you submitted your newest release to Gail and didn't give up on it after your critique group tore it apart. I liked hearing how you took advantage of your slow days at work and wrote. Very inspiring.

    Our daughter Amanda wants to see Tooth Fairy so nice to hear that you liked it.

    Great interview, Steph and Sandra!