Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Interview with Desert Breeze Author, Carie Lawson

Carie Lawson has a March release with Desert Breeze, "Beyond Africa." She's here with us today to talk a little about the book and her writing. Welcome, Carie! Onto the questions:

#1 - You have release coming out in March - Beyond Africa. What inspired the plot?

When I decided to write Christian Fiction, I wanted to write something with a dangerous, sexy hero. Lilly was a missionary from the first time she popped into my head, so her hero had to be able to appear in the mission without being a missionary...hmm, a pilot. After that, I think I let them tell me their story more than anything else.

STEPH: Pilots always make sexy heroes.

#2 - Can you tell me a little about the plot for Beyond Africa?

Case meets Lilly when he's assigned to take her to a mission in a dangerous part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He's seen enough of the area to know he doesn't want to leave her there. His conscience continues to drag him back there to offer her a small amount of protection. Lilly fights her instant attraction to him because he obviously isn't a Christian and she's dedicated her life to continuing her parent's work as a missionary. She finds herself in the undesirable position of having to choose between everything she's ever believed and the only thing she wants in the world. A little boy she meets at the mission, Sam, adopts her and then she has to factor in his safety.

STEPH: I love the plot. It sounds really exciting.

#3 - Do you cast your characters when you write? If so, who would cast for the main characters in Africa .

I didn't cast my characters exactly. The McCord family is very loosely based on my own family. I've taken personality traits from my four kids--the good and the...hmm...challenging. Case is a pretty typical oldest child--a little bossy, protective and serious natured. His closest friend is his younger brother, Zane, who's story is told in Beyond Summer, coming out September 1.

#4 - You have four kids and a soccer van! Tell me when you have time to write? Seriously, when do you write? Do you listen to music? Light candles. Tell me about your writing space.

I started writing Beyond Africa when my daughter, who's now six, was an infant. Much of it was written with her sleeping in my arms. That's a wonderful memory for me as this dream of writing is starting to happen. Not much has changed, I guess. When all goes well, I enforce a naptime at my house and then head off to my computer for an hour or so. It probably takes me longer to write than someone who has a little more free time. But I find I'm better off when my life is balanced (sometimes it feels like a tight rope) family time mixed with writing time. What's funny is that my creative juices really get flowing when I'm driving. I think because the kids are in the backseat and I have a little bit of time to let my mind wander or mull over a problem. By the time I get to the computer a lot of the time the scene exists entirely in my head and all I have to do is get it out on paper.

STEPH: I agree in that balance is so important. I have two kids, a full time job, a passion to write, and a desire to go to the gym every day. Striking the balance is not easy. I, too, find that same peace to let my mind wander when I'm driving. Sometimes, I'll put on a audio book. It's one of the few times I can 'read.' so to speak.

#5 - Who are your favorite authors?

That's a tough one. I love to read and nearly always have a book going. Some of my favorite inspirational authors are Susan Mae Warren, Tamara Leigh and Kaye Dacus.

#6 - What's the last book you read?

The Heart's Journey Home by Jen Stephens. It is a wonderful book written by a friend of mine.

#7 - What inspires you in general?

This sounds like a simpleton answer, but its honest. That fun, fluttering, falling in love feeling inspires me to write...and read. We all need little escapes in the everyday.

STEPH: Yes, I agree - we all need the little escapes everyday. It keeps me sane. When I get to work and I have down time between calls or on the radio, I pull out my pen and paper and escape. My co-workers have gotten used to me escaping into my fantasyland, haha! Those escapes are so important. It keeps us all fresh.

Thanks so much for being here today, Carie!


  1. I enjoyed this, Carrie. I also admire your ability to find balance. That's a struggle for me.

  2. CARRIE--wonderful to get acquainted with you. Oh, how I remember those younger days when I had a dozen things to do at once. Savor the time with your children--make memories they'll never forget. That's what moms are for.
    Your novel sounds very good--I like that plot, and I always like a story that includes a child. I hope you do well. Celia

  3. Shawna,
    I have to admit, I often fall off the tight rope. The days I feel badly are when I get in bed and remember the game I didn't play with my kids, or the story they wanted to tell me and I put them off until later. All I can do is get up the next day and try to get it right.

  4. Celia,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I don't know if I could write and not include a child in the story. I love kids and being a mom. Since my oldest was about three, I have wished desperately I could stop time and keep them little. But they keep growing and my enjoyment doesn't grow...but it changes. I already miss having a baby in the house and my littlest is only four.

  5. Way to go Carie!

  6. Great interview, Carie. Congrats on your March release. Can't wait to read it.

  7. I'm so thrilled for you, Carie! You so deserve it!

  8. This is such a nice piece! Very well spoken, fresh & honest! Congratulations, Carie!

  9. So excited for you Carie! Congratulations, can't wait to read it!