Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Character Interview - Katherine Archibald The Hungarian) talks to Madison Lee (Were Love Blooms)

Justine Cotsonas, inspiration for "Katherine Archibald."

Madison Lee (J Morgan in character) from "Were Love Blooms" visits the blog today to dish the fur with Katherine Archibald (Stephanie Burkhart in character) and talks about life, love, and doggie biscuits.


My name is Madison Lee and welcome to the Desert Breeze Blog.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure why I'm here but Stephanie Burkhart accosted me at the Niemen Marcus perfume counter and said I'd be perfect to host a blog about Women who love men who howl at the moon. Sounded kinda Jerry Springer to me but she offered me a Sephora gift bag if I'd do it. So here I am, as they say.

After reading Budapest Moon Book One: The Hungarian I knew only one person could fill the hot seat. So give a rousing round of applause for Katherine Archibald, a woman who went looking for a little adventure only to find herself embroiled in a romance with a man in wolf's clothing. Something I know a thing or two about. As my nana used to say, you lay down with dogs, you're bound to wake up with the mange. My nana was a little peculiar, as you probably guessed. I just hope it doesn't run in the family.

Madison: Katherine welcome to the blog. No dear, those aren't cookies. They're dog biscuits. I wasn't sure if you were bringing your better half along on not.

Katherine: Well, I kept him home. Last night was the full moon and he's "resting" before he has to transform again. We do have a dog, Joszef, so I'll take the biscuits.

Madison: Okay, but leave a few. I might get peckish. I forgot about the full moon. Anyway, let's get right to the point. Tell our audience how you met Matthias Duma. Don't leave out any of the juicies, either. It's ratings week and we need all the scandal we can get.

Katherine: Juicies? Yikes! I was in the library reading a book. No seriously, I was! And he walked in. Boy was he HOT. He was tall, muscular, thick hair, sparkling green-gold eyes. I almost melted into the seat! I thought he was undressing me with my eyes. We didn't kiss until a week later. Sigh.....

Madison: He probably was. Men are such perverts. So, he seduces you in the library. Did he make his move right away? Throw you against a stack of Barbara Courtlands and have his wicked way with you? Don't give me that look. We all know how those European men are.

Katherine: Well, he made it pretty obvious he only had eyes for me. Barbara Courtland? No, try Jane Austen. We didn't you know, ah, *blushing* make love until after we married.

Madison: I guess I'm the only one who made that mistake on my tour of Europe. When did realize that he was the ONE?

Katherine: Bless you, I was tempted, don't feel bad. At my birthday party. We walked into the gardens looking at the stars. He likes the stars, you know. He told me all about my zodiac sign. I melted. He knew all about me because he knew all about what it was like to be a Gemini. He was really into the zodiac and when I looked into his eyes, I knew right then and there that he believed in the things I did. He knew me on the inside.

Madison: Now, here's where things get sticky if you know what I mean. You're in love with the guy. There's no going back from it, and you're basically stuck. So, when did you find out his little secret and how did you react?

Katherine: Oh, yeah - I was totally in love with him. And then he tells me he's a werewolf. My mouth dropped to the FLOOR. No, make that my mouth dropped all the way to Budapest. **The** man I was in love with was a wolf! I was stunned. Shocked. Anyway, he did it when he proposed to me. Proposed to me!! "Katherine, I love you. Marry me. Oh, by the way I'm a werewolf." I told him I needed a week to think about it.

Madison: Least you got a chance to think about. I found out the hard way about Nicholi. By the way, he ran off and I got to howl at the moon for twelve months before he showed up. Back to you, sorry but that rant just won't go away. I'm sure it took longer than a week for the shock to wear off. What finally convinced you that he was worth all the flea dips and having to clean up all the wolf hair off the furniture once a month? Oh, any tips you can give in that department would be appreciated.

Katherine: Flea dip? I'll ask Resa, Matthias's witch. Well, Matthias didn't have a mother growing up. She died in childbirth. My mother died when I was five in a boating accident. I always wanted to belong to my "own" family and Matthias always wanted "his" own family since he was boy. It might be unconventional, but we both wanted a family. So what did a little fur matter in the long run?

Madison: Yeah, you can say that. You're not the one considering using duct tape for a bikini wax. Speaking of which, I'm due at Miss Mabelle's in an hour. Sorry to rush this along but before we go, is there any advice you can give to anyone out there contemplating dating a werewolf? Well, aside from the obvious answer of make sure he has all his shots.

Katherine: Make sure you have a healthy dose of courage. And don't get jealous when his witch rubs an aloe/camphor over his body to help him. It's not about her.

Madison: Sound advice for any relationship. Though the camphor thing kinda freaks me out.

I would like to thank Katherine for joining us today and urge everyone to rush out and get a copy of the The Hungarian. I won't say a pack of wolves will show up at your door if you don't, but why take the chance? Katherine, any last words for all the readers out there?

Jonathon Rhys-Meyers, inspiration for "Matthias Duma"

Katherine: It was great meeting you. If you're ever in Budapest, pop on into my bookstore and say Hi. I'll probably be drinking tea with my friend, Amelia Andrassy.

Madison: So, Katherine care to join me for a day at the spa? I'm sure I can get Mabelle to fit you in. one thing though, Mabelle can get a bit nosy. Everyone can't mind their own business like me.

Katherine: Oh, I'd love to join you at the spa. My curly hair can get a bit *wild* if you know what I mean.

Madison: Tell me about it. Any hoo, while we go get beautified, feel free to check out all the dazzling places you can find out about Katherine, Matthias and the incomparable Stephanie Burkhart. Come on girlfriend. After the salon, I know this place that serves the best jell-o shots this side of the Mason-Dixon line and they'll even let you slurp them straight off the waiters.


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  1. Very creative, you two! I'll bwe waiting for more juicy interviews...Celia

  2. You two! What can I say? This was fun.

  3. Hey, Stephanie! Loved the interview! I bet you two had a hoot throwing that together. Very funny and creative. I'm glad you're having so much fun with this! :-)

  4. Thanks for popping in. I think Madison saved a biscuit or two for you guys. *grin*