Friday, 7 May 2010

Featured May Release - The Hungarian by Stephanie Burkhart

Desert Breeze congratulates Stephanie on her release!

The Blurb:

Katherine Archibald is in search of a grand adventure. A young woman in late Victorian England, she wants to open up a book store in London and travel Europe hunting down rare books. Love isn't on her map.

Enter Matthias Duma. The Hungarian count captures Katherine's attention like no other man before him with his unusual gold-malachite eyes, his exotic features, and his command of the night sky.

After a night of intrigue during Katherine's birthday, she discovers the map does include love in the legend, but will the map lead her to Budapest and the dark, brooding Hungarian she's just met?


His eyes drew her to him -- malachite green with a gold ring around the iris. Dynamic. Expressive. Even now, as he looked at her, they softened and grew translucent. He stopped in front of the window and casually threw his blazer onto a nearby chair as if he owned the room.

"Hello," he said.


"You're staring."

"I am? I thought you were staring at me."

He chuckled. "Perhaps I was admiring you."


"Who else is here?"

Katherine pursed her lips as her insides warmed from the deep silkiness of his voice. He smiled and walked to her chair, slowly gliding around it, tracing his finger over the leather headrest, skirting her curly hair.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"And who is inquiring?" She tried to sound cool and composed, but she had to fight the nervous temptation to play with her hands.

"Romeo, perhaps?"

"Then my name is Juliet."

A teasing smile graced his lips as he walked out from behind her chair and glanced at a bookshelf before turning to look at her again.

"Would you fall for Tristan?"

"Only if my name were Isolde."

About the Author:

Stephanie Burkhart was born in Manchester, New Hampshire. She received a B.S. in Political Science from California Baptist University in 1995. She served in U.S. Army from 1986-1997, spending seven years in Germany. Her interests include exploring European history and watching Dancing with the Stars. Stephanie lives in California and works for LAPD's Communications Division as a 911 Dispatcher. She's married with two young sons.


"The Hungarian" is available at the Desert Breeze Publishing Website, All Romance Books, and Amazon for Kindle.


  1. I have read most of Stephanie's books and I love them. I am alsmot done with her muse short story but I am getting the Hungarian as I type this. I can not wait to read all about Katherine and Matthias.

    I am so sure Steph will gift us with her incredible visual written word full of amazing historical and detailed descriptions of the places and touching and enduring traits of her characters. A MUST read!!!!

  2. Thanks for popping in, Viv! It's great to see you here. *smiles* I've got a sequel planned for "The Hungarian," called "The Count's Lair." Just you wait. Hope you are enjoying the muses!!


  3. Stephanie has a way of pulling the reader into her books. From the rich descriptives and sharp dialogue, it's easy to lose track of time, immersed in the world she's crafted. The Hungarian is no exception. The refreshing characters carried me through the story as though I were a part of it. Great read! I'm looking forward to the sequel.

  4. *waves hi to Karen* Thanks for popping in, Sweetie. It's great to see you here.


  5. Stephanie is priceless. Her writing is beautiful, her stories are rich with history and deep, real characters that pull you in on page one and won't let you go until after you've stayed up all night, too engrossed to stop until you finish. I always feel a little sad that it's over and I can't keep going when I get to the end of one of her novels. I just bought The Hungarian - I'm sure I'll feel the same way about it, too. It sounds wonderful and I can't wait to dig into it!

  6. Maggie, *waves* Hi! Thanks so much for popping in. It' nice to see you here. I hope you enjoy the story AND your Kindle very much.


  7. I can't wait to read the latest from Steph. Her way with words takes you to her characters and gets you caught up in the emotions and actions. You will continue to turn the pages until the last word is consumed. I know that I will not be disappointed in The Hungarian!

  8. Hi, Judi. *waves* I can't wait to get your thoughts on the book.