Monday, 10 May 2010

Featured Author Interview with Gail Delaney on "Gaining Ground"

We're excited to have Gail here today on the blog to talk about "Gaining Ground," Book 3 in her Phoenix Rebellion Series.

Steph: Where did you find the inspiration for "The Phoenix Rebellion" series?

Gail: The Phoenix Rebellion came from various sources of inspiration, actually. I've told the story before, but after finishing another manuscript years ago (Watch Over Me), I found myself unable to really feel caught up in any new story idea I came up with. So, I played with fanfiction for awhile - specifically fanfic for the science fiction program 'Stargate: SG-1'. After doing that for nearly a year, my critique partners urged me (read here 'Got out the electrified cattle prods') to try my hand at writing science fiction.

As far as each relationship story arc within the series, they came from different points. The basic idea of Nick and Caitlin (a May/December relationship gone wrong -- but comes back together years later over a common cause) and Jace and Lilly (A soldier lost to the ravages of war to return years later without memory of his wife), were both concepts I'd attempted in the months when I couldn't find the right book. I adapted them from a modern contemporary setting to a futuristic one, and they worked great!

Victor and Beverly (Book II) came from the turning of thoughts after watching an episode of Stargate SG-1 in which one main character is committed when it's believed he's lost his mind -- in truth, his mind was being occupied by an alien entity. The idea grew from there.

Michael's story (Which is book IV and I don't want to give up too much. LOL) grew organically from the whole process of writing the series. When I began the series, Michael was just a character like anyone else. But, as I wrote, I realized he was the glue and driving force of the whole series. And as such, his 'story' had to be right for him. I had an idea for him going into the series, but ultimately it wasn't right and didn't work at all for him. The woman who becomes his match is perfect for him in that she's so unlike him, and that's why she works. (Stay tuned to Book IV- End Game -Coming in August).

Steph: What can we expect from Gaining Ground?

Gail: In Book I - Revolution - we thought Jace Quinn had died in the rescue mission to save Michael Tanner. At the end of Book II - Outcasts - the reader learns that Jace survived, but not much more. In Book III, Jace comes home. But, Jace is not the man who had disappeared nearly a year before. His memory is broken. He doesn't remember his name, and barely has any recollection of joining Phoenix years before. He has no memory at all of his wife -- Lily Quinn. As his wife, she is heartbroken that he doesn't look at her the way he once had. But, as his doctor, she knows he must let him return on his own.

Jace Quinn

Steph: I know you cast your characters, Gail. Who is Lilly? Jace?

Gail: Both Lilly and Jace came from model photos I found that I felt fit them. So, I don't have names... but I've attached the pictures.

Steph: Where do you find your sci-fi inspiration?

Gail: Partially from the programming and movies I enjoy watching, and actually partially from documentaries and programs I catch on television. I can't watch a program on the History Channel without getting ideas. There's a great series about what would happen to the world if all humans disappeared... I watch that and begin thinking "What if you were a space traveler and you found a world like that..."

Lilly Quinn

Steph: What are some of your favorite science fiction shows? Do you watch Caprica or the new Battlestar Galatica?

Gail: I actually didn't enjoy the new Battlestar Galactica (Don't tell JMo!), so I didn't even try out Caprica. I like Stargate SG-1, and not quite to the same degree, Stargate: Atlantis. I'm a fan of Doctor Who -- both Classic and the 'revived' Doctor Who (though I'm still withholding judgment on Matt Smith as the new Doctor). As Space Operas go, none will ever be better than Farscape. What an amazing mix of great writing, great cinematography, great story and a whole lot of romance! I haven't been caught up in any of the newer science fiction shows in SyFy Channel (Like Sanctuary or Stargate: Universe), but I am a huge fan of Fringe on Fox.

Steph: How many books are in "The Phoenix Rebellion" series?

Gail: In The Phoenix Rebellion there are 4 books: Revolution, Outcasts, Gaining Ground and End Game.

Steph: What's next for you, Gail? What should we expect in the future?

Gail: I have a few things on my plate, but haven't decided on which one to really dig into quite yet. I'm revising some older books for release next year, but as far as new projects I'm torn between a romantic suspense I've tentatively titled Beast and the sequel series to The Phoenix Rebellion - titled Phoenix Rising - which would consist of another four books. That series would pick up about a year after the conclusion of The Phoenix Rebellion, and would have a new cast of 'main' characters with many of the main people in The Phoenix Rebellion appearing again in secondary rolls..

Steph: What's the last movie you saw?

Gail: Cop Out with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Wait for the DVD, trust me... or... don't bother at all. It was 'okay', but I wouldn't be disappointed if I never saw it again.


Book Trailer for "The Phoenix Rebellion Series"

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  1. Good interview. Gail (Steph)

    I can't say great cause I'm a Battlestar Galatica fan... Just kidding.
    Nicely done.

  2. Tina, LOL!! I remember doing an interview with Vijaya a few weeks back and she mentioned Caprica which piqued my interest. So I went to ITunes, downloaded a few episodes and I liked it. Brent and I got into it. We liked the OG series but didn't know if we'd like the new one. Shocker - we loved it. lol!! I didn't think Starbuck as a girl would work but it does.

    Anyhoo - I read Gail's book 1 of the series and I LOVED it. I'm fixing to start book 2 shortly. Looking forward to it. And I'm looking forward to this one, too.


  3. Steph, we thought the same ting about Battlestar. I miss it. Have you ever watched Firefly? That show had so much potential, but they pulled the plug after half a season. I love scifi. There's no better way to get lost for a few hours.