Monday, 3 May 2010

Featured May Release - A Quiet Place by Michelle Levigne

Desert Breeze congratulates Michelle on her latest release.

The Blurb:

Widowed and pregnant, Jeannette Marshall returned to Tabor Heights to start a new life, seeking a quiet place to lick her wounds.

Nathan Lewis loved Jeannette, but her heart was focused on raising her son, and he made himself be content acting as a favorite uncle to BJ. Then Jeannette's cruel in-laws invaded Tabor Heights, determined to take her son from her by any means possible, shattering her serenity.

When Nathan offered marriage to help in her legal battle, Jeannette realized she wanted more than sanctuary and a quiet life. As she fought to regain her faith and her peace, she dared to try for a real family for BJ, and real love for herself.

An Excerpt:

Still chuckling, she turned to face the gray-haired stranger stepping into the office. He leaned his closed, dripping umbrella against the counter.

"Welcome to Tabor Christian," she said, voice still bright and bubbling. "How can I help you?"

It wasn't her job to man the counter, in her position as Pastor Glenn's secretary and assistant to the financial officers, but everyone else on the office staff was at lunch. Jeannette didn't mind; Tabor Christian was her home and anchor.

"Yes, thanks," the man said as he tipped off his hat and shook it behind him to get rid of the last few drops. "My family is moving to Tabor and we're looking for a new church and--"

His mouth dropped open and a soft, indrawn gasp escaped him. His tan went two shades paler as he tried to speak and could only get his jaws to open and close a half dozen times.

Jeannette slowly set down her son's framed photo so she wouldn't drop it -- or clutch it so hard it broke. She clasped her hands and prayed wordlessly for strength.

Or that this would turn out to be just a bad dream.


About the Author:

Michelle has been a book addict since picking up 'The Cat in the Hat'.

She started writing her own stories in junior high, when TV shows didn't turn out like she thought they should. Her first rejection letter came the summer after high school graduation, her first published story was in connection with fan fiction, and her first sale was in the Writers of the Future anthology.

With a BA in theater/English and an MA in Communications, focused on film and writing, she has worked for a local newspaper, then in advertising, and now works as a freelance editor. She is published in multiple sub-genres of romance, as well as SF and fantasy. Awards include being a finalist in the Dreamrealms and EPPIE competitions, with an EPPIE win in 2006.


A Quiet Place is available at All Romance Books, Amazon for Kindle, and at Desert Breeze in the Above link.

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