Thursday, 6 May 2010

Featured May Release - No Other by Shawna K. Williams

Desert Breeze congratulates Shawna Williams on her release!

The Blurb:

In the aftermath of WWII all Jakob Wilheimer wants is to get over his pain, get on with life, and if at all possible, forgive those who've wronged his family -- including himself. But it's hard to do when there are constant reminders. One of them being his former schoolmate, now teacher, Meri Parker -- Miss Port Delamar Pearl, Mayor's daughter, Belle of the town -- Meri Parker.

After enduring the stigma and isolation associated with the internment camp, the awkwardness of going back to school should've been a cake walk. But Jakob didn't expect to find himself inexplicably drawn to Meri. Or to discover that the pain and loneliness of her life surpassed his own. She needed to be rescued from the wretched people seeking to control her life. And more than anything, he needed to be the one to save her.



Meri looked at her plate with a sudden loss of appetite. Why did her parents intrude on every aspect of her life? She couldn't even enjoy a meal with a friend like Jakob.

She watched him tickle his niece. The infant's giggle burst from her tiny body, eliciting laughter from Jakob as though it were a reflex -- a natural response to Beth's purity of joy. Her mother would never appreciate Jakob's simplicity. As a matter-of-fact, she'd despise him for it. Images of Meri's mother smugly looking down her nose came to mind, clear and vivid. And her father? She tried to visualize but Jakob didn't seem to fare much better. It was more likely that her father wouldn't even acknowledge his existence.

As though they had the right to judge.

From deep within, a shady memory emerged. Meri could hear her mother screaming and cursing as glass shattered against the wall. She learned more about her family from her mother's temper tantrums than anything else.

A defiant smirk pulled at the corners of her lips. "Did I ever tell you what my dad did before he was mayor?"

"Wasn't he a lawyer?" Jakob said.


About the Author:

Shawna's writing journey started with a dream --- an actual, nighttime dream. The story within her dream captivated her to the point that she became obsessive, and in order to put together all the little details and fill in the gaps, she had to write it down. Now she has two books based upon it.

Shawna is an Inspirational Romance writer, who loves creating complex, flawed characters, believing that's the secret to making them real. And as an inspirational author, she is able to write about God's Grace through her characters' humanity. She also loves including a good dose of nostalgia in her work, which is why her stories tend to take place in small towns during the first half of the 20th century.

When she's not writing, she's spends her time with her husband and three children, reads, makes jewelry, and enjoys life on her family's ranch.


"No Other" is available at the Desert Breeze Website, All Romance Books, and Amazon for Kindle.


  1. Congrats Shawna,

    I like flawed characters, reminds me of what I could be. LOL.

    No I love to write about flawed characters and redemption too. I actually have a character that is too flawed, if you can believe it. But by the end of the book he's been touched by God's Grace.

    I appreciate that you want to write about that and share it as well.

  2. Congratulations Shawna! I hope this book is a resounding success!