Monday, 7 June 2010

Featured June Release - Deception by Bruce Cooke


Rookie cop Ally McIvor finds a likely suspect in a murder in Daniel Reilly. She goes undercover and becomes involved in a world of deceit and mystery. It's not just Reilly who wants the one hundred million dollars worth of drugs about to flood the community but others who seem legitimate. Who can she trust and who wants her dead. Even the cops could be involved. Ally must solve the dilemma before Reilly is captured or killed which would break her heart.


"Someone put a bullet in his head last night, round about the time you were there." Tony sat back with a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Like Flanagan," said Reilly, frowning.

"Yes, like Flanagan. Isn't it strange that you always seem to be visiting someone who ends up dead?"

"How do you know what time I was seeing him?" said Reilly frowning at the information. He had a good idea, but he figured he'd let them wriggle out of naming Ally.

"We have our ways. You're in big trouble this time, Reilly."

"Really? You haven't found a weapon. All you know is that I visited Grey last night. Anyone could have seen him after I left."

"Sure," said Tony controlling himself. "Two dead men, two drug dealers and a dead hooker. Of course your business was legitimate?"

"Of course. I don't know anything about drugs. Now are you going to charge me or do I have to call a lawyer?"


I was a technical teacher in the Victorian Education system, for a total of 29 years.

Forced to take an early retirement because of a hearing loss I began writing. Now I have completed 23 novels, most adventure romance but my favorite genre is Colonial Australian stories around the gold rush days on 1850. I also wrote scripts and was rewarded by having the initial script for the stage play of C.S.Lewis's The Lion, The With and The Wardrobe. The play ran in all the Capital cities of Australia around four years ago.

I tried the American market and was successful almost immediately. My first book accepted was a mature age romance titled Love in the Afternoon. Then another publisher accepted four other books and three short stories. A third publisher took another two of my books and now I have been offered two more contracts, one with Desert Breeze. All up I now hold nine contracts with seven of my books published in both e-form and paperback.

I lost my beautiful wife to leukemia in 2007 but her memory will always be with me.

I have converted some of my stories to movie scripts and hope to have success there but my first love is writing novels. My books and success can be found on my website.

Desert Breeze Congratulates Bruce on his latest release!

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