Friday, 15 July 2011

Author Spotlight - Excerpt from Deadly Reflection

Enjoy this excerpt from Nancy Kay's latest release, Deady Reflection. Leave a comment on the blog over the weekend and I'll pull a winner out of the hat to received a PDF ARC of the novel from Nancy!

Moderator Steph


Hands shoved into his pockets, Nick left Pine Bluffs PD behind. His long anticipated vacation was headed downhill on skids. After driving clear across the state, the detective wanted some down time, a respite from law enforcement.

And what happens? He lands smack in the middle of a gigantic mess.


The whole state of affairs just plain pissed him off. All he'd wanted was to take a simple, solitary jog by the lake.

But there she'd been, crouched over a dead body with a knife clutched in her hand. No way around that kind of in your face problem. In the process of detaining her for TJ, she'd fought like a wild animal. He'd had to physically pin her down.

That move had created a whole new set of problems.

Miss Cassandra Burke now kept popping into his mind, setting off x-rated mental reruns of her struggling beneath him in that transparent, wet tee shirt.

TJ's observation had been right on.

What a body.

Why in the hell did it have to belong to a murder suspect?


  1. Thanks, Tori

    I appreciate you stopping by!

    Nancy Kay

  2. Congrats to K. Victoria Chase who wins a PDF ARC copy of Nancy's latest release, Deadly Reflection! Thanks to everyone who supported Nancy during her spotlight week.

    Moderator Steph

  3. WOOHOO! I'm excited to read it :)