Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Author Spotlight -Nancy Kay talks about her passion for romantic suspense

On a recent blog I discovered how to narrow down exactly what type of 'Romantic Suspense' I write, something I've been searching for since completing my first manuscript. One of the first things a new writer must do is to identify their target audience.

Hmmm...target audience. Mulling over this rather misleading term brought several scenarios to mind. Ingredients for Romantic Suspense include creating a strong hero, introducing an intelligent heroine, and then adding a situation and some nefarious character destined to interject roadblocks which make their road to true romance fraught with danger.

Each time I sought to describe my particular recipe for romantic suspense, I stumbled. Because, much as I like reading cutting edge suspense, my stories didn't quite fit the gritty, edgy mold. A friend and fellow author, C J Lyons, suggested my work may fit more in the 'hearth and home' sub-genre of romantic suspense. Her idea made sense, and shortly thereafter I read a blog by Stephanie Giancola at National Romance Novel Examiner entitled "Hearth and Home vs Dark and Scary". CJ's suggestion was right on 'Target'.

The 'hearth and home' aspect fit well with my small town settings and traditional family ties. While at the same time, my theory 'sometimes bad things happen in small towns' depicted within my stories, add the suspense and mystery.

I write romantic suspense because I love romance, I love a good mystery fraught with suspense, and I'm fortunate to have a built in consultant and sounding board with my husband - a 28 year veteran of the Pennsylvania State Police.


Nancy's latest release is: Deadly Reflection, a contemporary romantic suspense.

BLURB: When detective Nick McGraw encounters Cassi Burke, his ingrained sense of duty collides with unstoppable desire, because the stunning Miss Burke is gripping a bloody knife and standing over a dead body.

BUY LINK:http://stores.desertbreezepublishing.com/-strse-180/Nancy-Kay-Deadly-Reflections/Detail.bok


  1. I am with you I write mystery and romance love them both

    Hope to get to know you better

    Walk in harmony,

  2. Great blurb :) I love romantic suspense, and I love mystery. Grew up on Nancy Drew. Great post. Blessings for success! BJ