Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Author Spotlight - K Dawn Byrd talks about her passion for Young Adult Writing

You ask why I like to write young adult? Because it's so much fun! I started out a few years ago writing adult romantic suspense, which is what I love reading. I'd heard people say you should write what you love. Then, I started reading some young adult romance and really enjoyed it. Soon, I had the idea for Mistaken Identity. Once I started writing young adult, I couldn't stop. It's much more carefree and light than what I usually write and I love writing innocent romance.

Adult characters tend to be more complex with more baggage because of life experience, be it good or bad. Young adult characters come with a whole different category of challenges and I enjoy writing about situations that teens may face today.

I enjoyed writing young adult so much that I've signed a contract for a young adult mystery/romance series. The first book in the Zoe Mack mystery series will debut in January with another to follow in June and then one in December. Zoe is a lot like Nancy Drew, but she'll be more modern and there will be more romance in her stories.


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