Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Author Spotlight - Why I write with a 'hearth and home' slant

By Author Nancy Kay

Sometimes bad things happen in small towns. I use this catchy line to stress circumstance rather than lifestyle in Deadly Reflection. The characters are interwoven like a tapestry. Strong men, strong women and a few quirky extras react when an outside evil force creeps into the close knit community, bringing danger and suspense to a usually safe, laid back town.

In my story, evil isn't found within the citizens of Pine Bluffs, Pennsylvania, but it does impact the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. The main characters are basically happy and well-adjusted. Yet when the unexpected happens, they each face a personal crisis on some level.

Their strength overcomes a barrage of roadblocks as they deal with tragedy. I strive for smart, resilient, resourceful characters. Even though they do butt heads with one another on occasion, their love and respect for one another remains.

Conflict within my story is more from happiness being threatened and life altering changes as the story weaves its way to a happy ending.

Having lived in small towns all my life, I recognize a core citizenry and family ties which remain prominent even in today's every changing lifestyles. Most embrace changes and view them as challenges. Cell phones are tucked into pockets and purses. Many homes boast a personal computer, or even a laptop.

So, I try to highlight small town life without boring the reader with the mundane which, regardless of what may encroach upon time tested traditions, is rock solid and helps time-worn traditions prevail. The setting unfolds and just when it seems life is just a bowl of cherries....

Sometimes bad things happen in small towns.


  1. I like the way you strive to maintain the core values of small town life. I wish it could always be true that small town people are always good through and through.

    What would happen if a person from a small town turned out to be at the root of problem in your PA town? If a small town is a microcosm of the larger population, and it must be,one must be aware that bad people come from small towns too.

    But I'm rooting for your small town people to be the backbone of the country.

  2. Wow, Cindy

    You may have planted a 'bad'seed for a future story. Maybe I could do a twist and make some 'small' person responsible for bad things!
    Thanks for the comment 'anonymous Cindy.
    You're right, we have to be quick on the comment buttons or we end up anonymous!

    Thanks for checking out the blog.