Friday, 30 September 2011

Author Spotlight - Excerpt from Sandpiper Affair

Here's an excerpt from Sandpiper Affair. Leave a comment on the excerpt this weekend and on Monday I'll pick a name out of the hat to win a PDF copy of Janis' Sanpiper Affair. Thanks so much for supporting Janis during her spotlight week.
Moderator Steph


The park ranger, with a decidedly masculine voice filled with a hint of laughter, questioned, “Why are you in this restricted area, miss?”

Abby sat up and brushed the clinging grains of sand from her bare legs and hiking shorts. Her hands reached in a futile gesture to tidy loose curls blowing wildly in the gusty March winds. She fiddled more as she stalled for an excuse, wondering briefly if he would believe she came here out of ignorance, and decided regretfully not.

“I’m photographing the crane chicks,” she admitted ruefully. “Okay, I knew it was restricted, but I was very careful not to disturb them. Honest, they never knew I was here.”

The too-good-looking-for-his-own-good, giant Florida State Park Ranger rubbed his jaw while he gazed down at her speculatively. Looking up at him from her nest in the sand Abby wondered if he would mind if she shot a few poses, thinking he would make a very good subject to study in her spare time—long, tanned fingers, sturdy legs. Definitely eye candy. She wondered how he felt about calendars. She sized him up and decided she could get very artistic with this man wearing a uniform, and who doesn’t like a man in a uniform?

Feeling a bit giddy both with tiredness and a kicked-back sense of humor, Abby tried to revise her thinking to a more serious vein. Probably not the best time to ask favors, she thought.

Busted in Bird land. Still…what a calendar he would make with that uniform, that smile, those shoulders. She stifled a sigh of pure visual pleasure.

You had better stop it, Miss Smarty. He has the authority to fine and kick you out of the park permanently if he so chooses. Holy Moly-- love a uniformed hunk!


She stifled a giggle which was riotously rolling around deep inside her, threatening to break out. He continued to loom, gazing thoughtfully while she fidgeted in her warm nest sheltered by the dune. Surrounding them, the sporadic wind blew the smell of something baking in the sun. With her face turned upward and her eyes half-closed against the glare, she awaited her fate


  1. Cute scene. I think everyone can relate to "tired giddiness." I, too, await Abby's fate. But I suspect he'll let her off with a warning. (If she doesn't proposition him.) :-)

    Gloria Clover

  2. Thanks for popping in, Gloria! You've won the copy of Janis' book and I'll get with her shortly.