Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Author Spotlight - Janis Lanis about about getting into the mood - to write!

How do you get in the mood for writing? I have a friend who pulls on an old red baseball hat and tucks her hair up to show how serious she is. She has a hidden source of M&M peanuts close by. She locks the door on her “office,” which is a converted guest room. She vows she has no time for guests now anyway. She has too much work to do.

Pretty much I, too, have come to view the second phase of writing as work. That changes the whole perspective for me. When I considered it a hobby, a fun pastime, maybe I was a little impatient with interruptions, but it wasn’t a criminal offense. Now that I’m struggling with guest blog appearances, due dates and the need to get another story out there, I can no longer treat knocks on my door, no matter how soft, as a welcome break. Okay, an occasional friend’s phone call, but not for long, I swear.

Bouncing on my big exercise ball is not a break. It’s an attempt to get the blood flow back in my butt and legs. Otherwise I’m going to wind up in the shape of a large pear. Not that there’s anything wrong with pears, but you understand. Not a desirable shape for humans.

Writing my stories is a pleasure. Everything after that is work and I’ve knuckled down to that fact. (Humming…”you can’t have one without the otherrr…er.”) How do you keep yourself attentive to the second phase of writing? How many chocolates do you have hidden away? Coffee? Tea? Chocolate chip cookies? Are you locking your office door and practicing your don’t-interrupt-me-frown? Do you have a favorite hat you wear?

I ask these questions as I hide my ancient bathrobe which is a most comfortable choice. No one will see me, right?


  1. I love writing, especially by water. My routine most often does not involve it though. I love quiet mornings with the house to myself and coffee for company. I'm a morning person. Looking at water and skyline merge inspires me though :) I can take a pen and pad or notebook and write out my heart that way. Some of my best stuff has come from writing the old-fashioned way with a notebook and pen. Many times, I let my fingers fly over the keyboard these days though. Interesting question and congrats. Blessings, BJ Robinson

  2. Sadie has a special fleece ball cap she wears. She's the only person I know who can shut down the computer and have to write something down on paper before she leaves the office. LOL.

    I used to have a big exercise ball, but the cat attacked it and it deflated slowly, fortunately, or I would've made a huge clunk on the floor! Haven't dared to blow up my new one yet. Same cat.