Thursday, 1 September 2011

Author Spotlight - Gloria Clover shares her favorite authors

I don't know if it defeats my promotional purposes to toot some other authors' horns during my spotlight, but the truth is I like to read just as much as I like to write, and other authors put together a good story too. So I'll tell you a little about some of my favorite speculative romances, though I don't know if the authors even call them that.

The most recent I've read is Jill Williamson's series that starts with From Darkness Hid. It has great characters, moving plot, and some of my all time favorite plot devices. Particularly character in disguise. (Yes, I used that in Washed Under the Waves.) In a later book in the series, Jill uses some amnesia (which I've used in two different contemporary romances I've written). In fact, I think the only plot device that I adore that Jill didn't put in her series was identical twins. :-)

Another favorite is Sharon Hinck's The Restorer, also the first in a three book series. This one starts in our world and moves into a speculative dimension. This series also has great characters and a plot that keeps thickening rather than melting as the stories progress. Sharon shows how putting your theme/God truths in a different world helps distance it from your readers so they can grasp them more easily. For example, I remember being convicted of the importance of praise even in tough times while reading this book. (I tried that with the theme of entertainment in Washed Under the Waves -- the approach, not the importance of praise.)

Another good speculative romance, if you are in the mood, is Linda Wichman's Legend of the Emerald Rose. The hero and heroine are descendants of King Arthur and Merlin. And I don't really know what more needs to be said because that in itself is pretty cool.

I suspect speculative romance in the Christian market will become more popular as the secular market tires of vampires, werewolves, demons, and immortals, because I truly believe that there is something in every human God created that hungers for Him and hungers for Truth and isn't satisfied with lesser tastes. That's one of the reasons that I chose to put my speculative fiction into this world. We aren't speculating on the Truth.

What's one truth you've learned or been reminded of that came from a novel you read recently?


  1. I love that the market is broadening to include Christian Fantasy/Spec. Loved your book! The spiritual message was bold and uncompromising and the story was just downright fun.

    Jennifer hartz is another Christian spec writer to read.

  2. One thing I learned is how unique God makes each person, each writer. To take age old stories and rework them or come up with new worlds is awesome.

    I'm working on some spec fiction myself. Just to see where my imagination takes me and the readers too.

  3. One thing I love about Gloria is her willingness to help writers learning the craft and to promote authors who deserve it.

  4. Gloria combines an intriguing story with humor. She introduces characters with many layers. And she still includes important truths from God's word.

  5. Thanks for your comments and taking the time to stop by. The majority of my fiction reading has been Christian fiction for at least the last ten years. Now when I step outside the box to read something recommended for its great writing, I find I really miss God's presence.