Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Author Spotlight - Janis Lane talks about her passion for characters & setting

Often I think some of my favorite choices of Contemporary books depends on how much I’m enjoying the stage (setting) upon which the actors (characters) perform. Who could not love the Sisters in Birmingham, Ala with Anne George? I still want to see the iron man statue which towers over the city. How about James L. Burke? Sadly a lot of those swampy nooks and crannies along the Louisiana coast are gone now. But the ambience of Burke’s narrative is like a coiled snake sleeping nearby on the muddy banks. Burke’s words can make you live his native state. Susan Albert lets us grow herbs with her in the hot sun of Texas, Evanovich riots in Trenton, NJ, while JD Robb takes us in flying cars into the future NYC.

I grew up in S. Georgia and spend a lot of time there and in Florida. When I wrote SANDPIPER AFFAIR, I knew I wanted to write about nature, birds and even chiggers. The terrain was a natural setting for my wildlife photographer, Abby, and her love interest, Adam. I was happy to be there. I hope you will be too. What are your favorite settings to visit in the world of fiction? Are you ever comfortable with the characters, but uncomfortable with the setting?


  1. Hi Janis,

    I love your book cover and what a great title too! Hope you sell lots of books!

    I'm usually comfortable with my characters but might struggle with the setting if not something I'm not as familiar with. But I'm better at writing dialogue than description so that might have some bearing on it.

  2. Thanks Diane. I love the settings. >s
    Janis Lane

  3. Janis- I love you cover! I lived in Birmingham in the early 1980s under the Vulcan statue. I could go outside and see his rear end. LOL! I love those Sisters books, too. I live on the Fla Gulf Coast and love the whole lifestyle.

    My son's nickname as a scout was Chig since he slept under an oak one night outside and got eaten alive by the chiggers.

    Good luck with the book.

  4. I love the serene setting depicted in your cover. So peaceful that I could stare at it for hours. The settings I love to visit most are ones where I can feel the authors love of the place they are describing. It's not just a list of description but small details that make it come it life.

  5. lol Thanks Jillian. I can see we'd have a lot to chat about.
    You tagged me Christina. <s
    Thanks for your comments, ladies.
    Jan Lane

  6. Love the cover! The books sounds like a lovely read to be had with tea sitting on a beach! LOL