Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Author Spotlight - June Bryan Belfie talks about writing inspirational romance

When asked why I enjoy writing inspirational novels, I have to admit I'm not certain. I don't have extra qualifications such as a divinity degree or a mission background. This I do have though -- a love for Christ and a desire to serve him. Since writing doesn't require heavy back-breaking physical work and it is something I desire to do, I pray for inspiration and guidance. He has brought people into my life who have encouraged me to write.

Perhaps having been divorced myself, spending six months in bed with herniated discs and suffering countless illnesses, (non life-threatening, but disabling temporarily), and experiencing problems with loved ones and friends, I've stored enough experience to feel qualified to write about life's challenges. And always, the Lord has given me the strength, the patience and the hope that has brought me through. In Stephen's Ministry I worked with individuals suffering serious personal problems. I did not advise, but merely stood alongside them, encouraging them to seek His counsel.

I write not only of the critical times, but also the joys we have in life -- observing a new birth, a laughing child, tenderness, love in its many forms. Each of us experiences different events, but some things surpass ethnicity, geography, even gender, so we can empathize with others - even fictional 'others.' My characters become very real to me and I hope to my readers as well.

I pray that my books will offer encouragement to others at times in their lives when a friend is what they need.


  1. June - Your picture makes me want to come sit down and have a cup of coffee and chat. I am looking forward to your new book. God has given you a talent for making people and their lives come alive on the page. Keep writing for Him and touching people's heart with His grace.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. Your talent and love for the Lord are an inspiration to me. I love your book of devotionals and know you will have many more published.

  3. You have a beautiful way of communicating your thoughts and feelings! I look forward to reading each of your books, which I'm sure are written with just as much honesty, sensitivity and skill as I see in your interviews.