Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Author Spotlight - Character Interview with Scott from "When Love Collides"

Tom Hardy, Inspiration for "Scott"

It's good to have you here today on Desert Breeze Publishing's blog. Are you nervous?

Scott: Not at all. I've gotten past my initial fear of talking about my past with Raquel. I no longer get a lump in my throat or tearful now that I've settled in my heart that we're meant to be.

Are you normally an emotional guy?

Scott: That's the crazy thing. I hadn't gotten tearful in almost ten years. Then Raquel returns to my world and I'm almost a basket case at first. The upside of this is once I sorted through things and forgave her for hurting me, I was thrilled at how alive I felt around her. I really do think God has a mate picked out for us. Sometimes it just takes a while for us to figure that out.

So are you two getting married?

Scott: That's the kicker. I want to, but she's putting up a bit of a fuss about it. She's worried that I will be straddled with a woman who needs to be taken care of and can't do anything for me. She's wrong, of course. I'm working on helping her to see she is lovable regardless of what she can do for me.

That must be a bit challenging at times. Do you think she'll come around and finally get past the fear?

Scott: I do. I think she has been beaten down so much by her ex that she has a hard time seeing herself as worthy of me even though it's been a long time since he died. She says I don't need her and that I've got it all. Well, she's wrong. Without her it feels like I've got nothing.

How sweet! Thanks for joining us today, Scott.

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  1. Really enjoyed this read. Great title and love the cover and story. Blessings, BJ Robinson