Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Author Spotlight - Character Interview with Raquel from "When Love Collides"

Natalie Portman inspiration
for "Raquel"

Welcome to Desert Breeze Publishing's blog today for your interview. Tell us a little bit about your nickname.

Raquel: You mean Rocky? That's a nickname Scott gave me years ago. It's kind of ironic because lately I haven't felt strong at all. Not only is my body weak, but it's easy for me to get depressed about it.

Chronic illness can cause depression. So what do you do when you're depressed?

Raquel: Sometimes I cry for no reason. I really hate that. I don't want to be perceived as weak, but it's hard when everything looks sad and bleak, you know?

I hear you there. Tell us about what you love about Scott?

Raquel: He's a faithful guy and an amazing kisser. I've never met anyone I can trust like I trust him. He doesn't say one thing and mean another. He's always there for me. I know he's human, but in some ways he seems perfect, and I know I'm not, so sometimes that makes me depressed.

What about the fact that he loves you? Doesn't that help cheer you up?

Raquel: As long as I don't focus on my illness, yes. I would love to be cured, but there is no cure. Sometimes I worry that Scott will get tired of having to take care of me. He says not to worry about tomorrow, for it has enough worries of its own.

Yes, I recall Jesus saying that to his disciples. So are you going to trust God in this? That if He wants you and Scott to be together for the rest of your lives then He'll work things out?

Raquel: If there is one thing I've learned from these crazy, unpredictable symptoms is that I can't make it a day without God. So while it's aggravating, it does keep me dependent on Jesus. That's not a bad thing. Now if He would just heal me… But even if he doesn't, I've committed my life to serving God.

That's a great attitude to have. Thanks for joining us today, Raquel.


  1. Heart warming and sweet! my heart goes out to you rocky!!I love characterr interviews!

  2. Hey, Cathy, you stole my "I love character interviews!" line. But it's true, they're wicked fun. Great job!