Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Author Spotlight - Jude Urbanski talks about Max Lucado

Here's my theory about Max. Max Lucado, that is. To meet him was on my list of impossible dreams and while I did not get to shake his hand or really meet him, I did get within six feet of him at a Make a Difference concert. I'll take that as a fulfilled dream.

My theory is… Max, with his writings, has been called to minister to the masses. And minister he does. Colleen Coble says she would read Stephen King's laundry list and I would do the same with Max. In sum, I am so uplifted by his words, which are always geared to help deepen our journey of faith that I would read anything he wrote. Can say I've noticed Max is not too different than many of us--he has honed his writing skill with experience. I still love his beginnings works though, and his middle works and his today works!

Like priest, writer and speaker, Henri Nouwen, Max makes the simplest truth profound. His best trick is to make profound truths understandable. So easy, you shake your head and begin to apply what you've read to your own life and are surprised at the fit.

I collect Max's books and highly recommend one, especially for this Christmas season. His One Incredible Moment celebrates the majesty of the manager. Lucado said God took the ordinary night of Jesus' birth and hooked an "extra" in front of the ordinary. The night was ordinary no more. The photos alone are worth reading the book.

Though Max's subject material is ordinary, his words are far from clich├ęs, his metaphors fresh and Texan like. Did I mention he is pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio,Texas? Visiting there is also on my list of to dos.

Sometimes, reading his books is like taking a mini writing course! Make at least one of Max's books a 'must' read.


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