Monday, 19 December 2011

Author Spotlight - Q&A with Jude Urbanski

STEPH: I don't know much about "Joy Restored." What's it about?

JUDE: Joy Restored is about a young, widowed mother wrestling with the eons-old question of "where is God when we're going through dark nights?" Her troubled, Vietnam vet husband is accidentally killed and in her anger at God she almost misses the incredible love offered by a wonderful Christian widower.

STEPH: How long did it take you to write?

JUDE: I worked on the novel, which is my first, off and on for over a year and had put it 'away' when the opportunity with Desert Breeze came along.

STEPH: Did you do a lot of research for the novel?

JUDE: I find it a hoot that the era of my novel, the late 1970 and into the 80s, is now called Modern Historical. That makes me feel akin to the dinosaurs! I had to reread about the Vietnam War as well as refresh about cars, clothing and music of that period. I had to think typewriters and not computers for the work environment. I learned all I could about the setting of Pickett County, Tennessee and made trips back. I was born in this county, moved away, so had to refresh myself on the dialect of southerners. My mother's short novella, My Little Cabin Home, is also set in Pickett County and is a free companion download to my book.

STEPH: What attracts you to Inspirational writing?

JUDE: Most my non-fiction writing is inspirational, which blends with my life as a Christian. When I decided to move into fiction, I made a deliberate decision to continue in the Christian inspirational arena. I'm aware writing can be inspirational, yet not Christian, but to me the two easily mesh.

STEPH: How much input did you have on the cover?

JUDE: Well, like other DB authors, I did all the cover art input. At one point, though, I asked if they would consider this marvelous (at least I thought so) photo I had taken. The cover is Mallard Point on Dale Hollow Lake in Pickett County, Tennessee which is my setting. It was a bit of a hard sale, but I so appreciate DB's willingness to work with me on this and I think the cover will help marketing in the area.

STEPH: Kate is the heroine. What are her strengths? Weaknesses?

JUDE: Kate is strong enough to manage a household, job and kids as a single mom, but her faith is weak, she's afraid to love and trust again and she puts blame in the wrong places.

STEPH: What does Seth find attractive about Kate?

JUDE: He's initially sweep off his feet with her beauty, loves her adorable children, but knows he and Kate are worlds apart spiritually. In spite of this, he loves her strength and is able to see her faith is there-just buried, way deep.

STEPH: What do you want readers to resonate with them after they've read the story?

JUDE: I'd like readers to know God is always walking with us, even in the darkest night. He's there in myriads of ways, if we but look for Him. I want them to enjoy and appreciate the incredible gift of love between a man and a woman.

STEPH: Hollywood is calling! Cast the main characters.

JUDE: Oh, me. I am so un-Hollywood! Ask my kids who live at Hollywood's doorsteps and they will know precisely! A tall, dark and handsome man and a beautiful, red-headed woman is all I can say, Steph. I can say though I readily see my story as a Hallmark Presents! Go film rights.

Here's Seth:

Here's Kate:

STEPH: Fun question: What's your favorite Christmas carol?

JUDE: I can answer this one so much better even though it is also hard because I have so many favorites, but 'Silent Night' is high on the list. I love the melody, words and story of the song.


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