Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Author Spotlight - Barbara Hodges talks about Scattered Hearts and Valentines

February and Valentine's Day, you can't seem to think of one without the other. One of the contest giveaways I am offering is a c.d. of Scattered Hearts, an anthology of valentine stories, The Word Wizards, my local writers group wrote, oh, and it's published by Desert Breeze. I thought I'd tell you how it came about.

It was my idea to showcase the great writers in our group. When I first offered it, an anthology of Valentine's Day stories, the response wasn't great…ugh, hearts and flowers. No, I wanted something beyond the usual fare, just somewhere in the story you had to mention February 14th. Skepticism was still the reigning emotion.

Randolph Tower, who is one of my co-authors, came to the rescue. At our next meeting he came in with a story for Scattered Hearts. His story, Baby Bottles, told of a young pilot during the Viet Nam war. The pilot used small baby bottles, filled with water and frozen to take with him on his missions, the bottles kept him cool and provided water when they melted. The young pilot's wife gives them to him on Valentine's Day, pink ones with a red heart drawn on each.

It was all we needed. The stories in Scattered Hearts involve a senior lady dealing with dementia, a young widow needing to know why her husband went on a tragic Valentine's Day cruise without her, and a bi-racial couple fighting prejudice in the 1950's. If you are the lucky winner, you are going to love the stories and poems in Scattered Hearts; they are all a different way of looking at love. Happy Valentine's Day! buy link:

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  1. The World-Famous Jay would like a copy of Scattered Hearts.

  2. Barb, what an awesome concept and a talented group you have there. blessings and thanks for sharing.

    jude urbanski