Monday, 13 February 2012

Author Spotlight - Young Adult authors Kassandra Cooper and Katie Charles talk about finding inspiration

Kassandra Cooper
Personally I don’t think I’m old enough to write adult romance, seeing how I don’t have any experience being an adult just yet. However, adding that small detail to the passion I have for youth, the fact that I want to reach youth in the future with my words and being a young adult myself it made my decision easier. Now this all started when I was a freshman and went to a church winter camp and felt the Lord pressing on my passion for helping young adults/youth.

I’m sure writing for high school would seem like the best way to reach them, being on their level and all that but I haven’t had a ‘normal’ high school experience and frankly high school can be overly dramatic and frustrating. I know that might sound terrible but taking into account that I attend high school on a college campus I spend most of my time around young adults/college level people. So in short, for me writing for young adults was not only easier for me but it was also the best fit for who I am.

Kassandra's book is: Burning Bridges with Desert Breeze Publishing.


Katie Charles

Mainly what inspired me to write for young adult was the fact that I was sick of what was out there for YAs. Don’t get me wrong, Twilight was good at first, but then it became so overplayed, and you can only read Harry Potter so many times. I wanted to write something teenagers could relate to. Life is hard and it sucks sometimes, and too many of the young adult books now are too perfect. The people in it are described as perfect, and everything always turns out perfect, and that is not true to life.

People have faults and sometimes they don’t deal with things the right way. In my book Land of Misfit Teens, that theme was one of the main things I wanted to get across. It shows how things just get worse when not acted upon the right way. And as much as youth want to blame it on someone you have to look at yourself and see your own faults.

I also read a lot growing up, and before I was a "young adult", I was reading books with that label. As I kept reading I saw that they where turning into the same book, but with different names for the main characters. So I wanted to write with a different voice, one that I hope will ring true to teenagers today, and one that is not just lost in the swamp of similar books.

**Katie's book is Land of Misfit Teens with Desert Breeze Publishing.

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