Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Author Spotlight - Young Adult authors Kassandra Cooper and Katie Charles share their thoughts on Valentines Day

Kassandra Cooper:

I don’t know if I have an ultimate Valentine’s Day or any idea of what it would consist of if I wanted one but I do know what I’ve experienced. I can’t date until I’m 18 which leaves me about 4 months shy of that these days. However last year’s Valentine’s day was pretty spectacular. No huge romantic gesture’s happened but the guy that asked me to prom last year, this year, is waiting to date me and who I made my last dedication to in my book did make it memorable. He had hockey practice so as always I went to watch and support him the same way he supported me in my writing and everything else. See I’ve known and had a crush on this guy since 7th grade and he simply wouldn’t admit to liking me back. So I went to practice with no expectation, just to support him and hang out. His team gave him a hard time about me as always, of course amping it up since it was in fact Valentine’s Day.

After practice we talked, something it would seem is rare between teenagers now a day. Face to face communication, it’s so obsolete. But what I didn’t know what that he got me a box of See’s Candies and a teddy bear, which to be honest I’m still smiling about a year later. Even as I’m writing this I have a ridiculous smile on my face.

Anyway, I don’t have any traditions but if seeing him every Valentine’s Day – or even better, seeing him everyday – became a tradition I would be one extremely happy young lady.


Katie Charles

Single Awareness Day! That being said from a single girl in college, I can move on. I think all the sappy romance stories happen on the 14th of February, that and Christmas Eve. Don’t get me wrong, I like the concept of Valentines Day: Saint Valentine writing a love letter to his loved one right before he was going to be killed. Well, maybe not the getting killed part, but the love letter.

When I think of this day I think of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Is that weird? It kind of has the feel of it. He was telling his wife their love story she couldn't not remember. Yes, in the end they died but they loved each other to the end. Well, in the movie version anyway.

That is what I think of when I think of Valentines Day. Loving someone until you die. That is what Saint Valentine did… so, yeah.

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