Thursday, 9 February 2012

Author Spotlight - Character Interview with Dirkk from "The Emerald Dagger"

STEPH: So, Mr. Dirkk, tell us a little bit more about yourself. Where were you born and what kind of education do you have?

DIRKK: I came from my mother's womb in Castle Crag in the kingdom of Daradawn. My education? I was born the son of a Baron. My tutor taught me mathematics and how to dance. My father schooled me in sword work, hunting and how to woo the ladies. He bought me my first women when I was eleven. At twelve I became engaged to Tessa De'Amberville, the future queen of Daradawn.

STEPH: Where did you find this emerald dagger?

DIRKK: The dagger found me, or should I say Darodah, the demon that dwells in the emerald dagger, drew me to him. I had to prove myself with an offering of blood, not mine of course, but once accepted I became one with the dagger.

STEPH: Who's your best friend in Daradawn?

DIRKK: Friends, surly you jest. I have no need of friends. I have those who do my bidding. Once upon a time when I was young and stupid I had friends, Tessa and Peter, but they turned against me, now they are enemies and must die.

STEPH: What's your spell-casting room like? Messy or Neat?

DIRKK: You make me laugh. I don't cast spells. I am a blood mage. I summon. I conjure. I do not cast spells like an herb witch.

STEPH: Is it true you're secretly attracted to the High Mage's wife, Regan?

DIRKK: You insult me. I have killed for less. Regan desires me. She has the power of the blue flame. I will take her, use her, when I am finished she will die…but attracted to, I think not.

STEPH: What evil plan do you have find for the fairies? I won't tell. Promise.

DIRKK: Of course you will not tell, not if you wish to continue breathing. The fairies are flesh for my forming. They will become only a small part of my legions.

STEPH: Have you ever traveled? Left Daradawn and come back?

DIRKK: The bastard mage has closed all of the rifts, but one, and that he has made poison to me, but with the emerald dagger and Regan's power, all will change.

STEPH: Any parting words for us curious minds?

DIRKK: Remember my words to you and remember my face. For soon I will be ripping the fabric between our worlds apart. When I come calling, remind me of our time together, and perhaps I will make your death less slow and less painful.

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