Thursday, 2 February 2012

Author Spotlight - Nancy Kay talks about why she writes romantic suspense

I write Romantic Suspense because I’ve lived Romantic to speak. Of all the ‘writing rules’ we face as authors from the day we select writing as a career, write what you know ranks high on the ‘pay attention’ scale.

Who doesn’t like Romance? One of the first Romance books I ever read was one entitled ‘I’ll Find My Love’ circa 1957, published by Berkley Highland Books. The story was simple, sweet, and had conflict plus all the other elements we strive for in the genre.
However, the story lacked suspense, something which didn’t enter my life until years later when I fell in love and married a Marine who went on to become a policeman.

Suspense with a capitol ‘S.’ His position in the Corps had day to day tension, not to mention it was the mid sixty’s and Viet Nam was an issue. He’s my go to source when I need to get into the head a character with a military background, but most of the suspense and danger elements in my stories relates to his 28 years on the job as a Pennsylvania State Policeman.

I can attest to how lines of fatigue etched into his face at the end of a shift affected me. I saw and felt his frustration, his fears and sometimes anger. We celebrated when justice prevailed, or a family walked away from a horrific accident. And there’s a sense of humor amongst policeman that serves to diffuse tension and helps men and women on the job cope with what they must face every day.

So when I create a character, be it military, law enforcement or even the despised villain, I have a built in consultant. I write what I know, and being there first hand so close to the mystery and suspense, all that was needed was Romance.

After 46 years as man and wife, we’ve got that covered!



  1. I write romantic suspense, too. Love the romance and suspense together. Grew up on mysteries. Congratulations on your new novel. I'll have to add it to my reading list, since that's my genre for sure :) Blessings for success, BJ Robinson

  2. Thanks, BJ

    Romance and Suspense, love the combination and never quite know what the next page will bring. Often when I'm writing them!!


  3. Nancy, enjoyed your interview and posts of your book. I do enjoy a good romantic suspense. Like the covers. Sounds as if you and I have lived through some of the same eras. The good and non so good ones! vietnam plays into my debut novel.