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Author Spotlight - 1863 in History

Here is a list of some of the things that happened during the time Matthew and Rebekah's took their trip to Oregon.

Remember the Civil War was still being fought and there were several battles during this times as well.
I didn’t list them all.

May 1st - Battle of Chancellorsville, VA (29,000 injured or died)

May 1st - Confederate congress passed resolution to kill black soldiers

May 2nd - Stonewall Jackson attacks Chancellorsville, wounded by his own men

May 5th - Joe Coburn KOs Mike McCoole for US boxing title in 63rd round
May 8th - Confederación Granadina becomes Estados Unidos de Colombia

May 16th - Battle of Champion's Hill, MS-bloodiest action of Vicksburg Campaign

May 19th - Siege of Vicksburg, investment of city complete
Jun 2nd - Harriet Tubman leads Union guerrillas into Maryland, freeing slaves
Jun 5th - CSS "Alabama" captures "Tailsman" in Mid Atlantic
Jun 7th - Mexico City captured by French troops
Jun 10th - Battle of Brice's Crossroads, Miss; Nathan Bedford Forrest w/3500 defeats 8000 Feds
Jun 13th - Samuel Butler publishes 1st part of "Erewhon," Christchurch, NZ

Jun 17th - Travelers Insurance Co of Hartford chartered (1st accident insurer)

Jun 20th - 1st bank chartered in US (National Bank of Davenport Iowa)
Jun 20th - West Virginia admitted as 35th US state

Jun 25th - US General George Meade replaces General Hooker to be more aggressive

Jun 29th - George A Custer (23) appointed Union Brig-general

Jun 29th - Lee orders his forces to concentrate near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Jun 29th - Very 1st First National Bank opens in Davenport, Iowa

Jun 30th - Dutch colony Suriname counts population of 33,000 slaves

Jul 1st - Battle of Gettysburg, Pa; Lee's northward advance halted

Jul 1st - Free city delivery of mail begins in 49 US cities; postage 3 cents per oz

Jul 1st - Slavery abolished in Suriname & Netherlands Antilles

Jul 3rd - Battle of Gettysburg Pa ends, major victory for North

Jul 4th - Boise, Idaho founded (now capital of Idaho)

Jul 4th - General Lee's army withdraws from Gettysburg

Jul 6th - Northern Territory passes from New South Wales to South Australia

Jul 7th - 1st military draft by US (exemptions cost $100)

Jul 7th - Orders barring Jews from serving under US Grant are revoked

Jul 11th - Japanese battle cruiser shoots at Dutch warship Medusa, kills 4

Jul 13th - Anti-draft mobs lynch blacks in NYC; about 1,000 die

Jul 14th - Jews of Holstein Germany granted equality

Jul 15th - Pres Davis orders service duty for confederate army

Jul 16th - Utrecht-Swells railway opens

Jul 17th - Battle of Honey Springs - largest battle in Indian Territory

Jul 30th - Pres Lincoln issues "eye-for-eye" order to shoot a rebel prisoner for every black prisoner shot

Jul 30th - Indian Wars: Chief Pocatello of the Shoshone tribe signs the Treaty of Box Elder, promising to stop harassing the emigrant trails in southern Idaho and northern Utah
Aug 3rd - Governor Seymour asks Lincoln to suspend draft in NY

Aug 3rd - Saratoga Racetrack (NY) opens

Aug 8th - American Civil War: Tennessee's "military" Governor Andrew Johnson frees his personal slaves. During the early 20th century, the day was celebrated by blacks in Tennessee as a holiday.

Aug 11th - Cambodia becomes French protectorate

Aug 12th - 1st cargo of lumber leaves Burrard Inlet (Vancouver, BC area)

Aug 15th - Submarine "HL Hunley" arrives in Charleston on railroad cars

Aug 15th - The Anglo-Satsuma War begins between the Satsuma Domain of Japan and the United Kingdom (Traditional Japanese date: July 2, 1863).

Aug 16th - Emancipation Proclamation signed
Sep 1st - RR & ferry connection between SF & Oakland inaugurated
Sep 5th - Bread revolt in Mobile Alabama
Sep 10th - George Bizets opera "Les Pêcheurs de Perles," premieres in Paris
Oct 3rd - Lincoln designates last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day

Oct 5th - Confederate sub David damages Union ship Ironsides.
Oct 6th - Dr Charles H Sheppard opens 1st public bath, in Brooklyn

Oct 15th - Cliff House opens in SF (1st of many on site)

Oct 16th - Grant is given command of Union forces in West

Oct 26th - Soccer rules standardized; rugby starts as a separate game

Oct 26th - Worldwide Red Cross organized in Geneva

Oct 26th - Football Association forms in England, standardizing soccer

Oct 27th - Dutch railway to Harlingen opens
Oct 29th - Intl Comm of Red Cross forms (Nobel 1917, 1944, 1963)

Oct 31st - The Maori Wars resumed as British forces in New Zealand led by General Duncan Cameron began their Invasion of the
Nov 17th - Lincoln begins 1st draft of his Gettysburg Address

Nov 19th - Lincoln delivers his address in Gettysburg; "4 score & 7 years..."

Nov 23rd - Patent granted for a process of making color photographs

Dec 4th - Storm flood ravages Nethe coastal provinces

Dec 8th - 2,500 reported killed as result of fire at Jesuit Church of La Compana Santiago Chile

Dec 8th - Abraham Lincoln's Amnesty Proclamation and plan for Reconstruction of South

Dec 15th - Romania is using for the first time a mountain railway (from Anina to Oravita)


Tina Pinson resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband of thirty plus years, Danny. They are blessed to have three sons, and six grandchildren with another on the way.
Tina started her writing in elementary school. Her love of writing has caused her to seek creative outlets be it writing poetry, songs, or stories. Her WWII story Trail of the Sandpiper won third place in the Genesis in 2003. In the Manor of the Ghost and Touched By Mercy and When Shadows Fall Book 1 in the Shadows Series are available through Desert Breeze Publishers.

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Matthew has braved the war and near death with one thought in mind… Rebekah. He won her hand in marriage, and now he has a few short months to make her see how much he loves her. How much he needs her. Given the wall she's put up between them, he prays he'll have enough time.

After fleeing the war, Rebekah is determined to go west to Oregon, only to be turned down when she tries to join the train. Matthew's proposal of marriage, in name only to help her west, becomes the miracle she needs. Loving him as she does, she dreads the idea of letting him go once they reach Oregon, but how can she ask him to stay with her, to love her? How could he love her once he's found out her secret? She must guard her heart and his.

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