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Author Spotlight - Q&A with Tina Pinson

STEPH: I don't know much about "Shadowed Dreams." What's it about?

TINA: Shadowed Dreams is the second in my Shadow Series. It is the continuing story of Matthew and Rebekah Cavanaugh. Book 1 When Shadows Fall, followed them through the battle and loss of the war, and on to Missouri where Rebekah planned to take the train west to Oregon. In book 2, Matthew has convinced Rebekah to marry him, under a contract of convenience, so he can help her west, with the understanding that they can call it quits once they reach Oregon. But Matthew doesn’t want to let Rebekah go ever, he hopes she'll become his wife in more than name. He hopes to win her heart. And he has six months on the trail to do so.

The Shadow Series is written much like Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Dreamhouse Kings, and Divergent, now that its dystopian or fantasy but the story continues to follow the main Characters and an ensemble cast through out.

STEPH:How long did it take you to write?

TINA: It took me a little over six months to write the whole 900 page story that Shadowed Dreams is part of. Because the story was so long, I couldn't get it accepted, so I split it into smaller sections.

STEPH: How much research did you have to do?

TINA: Shadowed Dreams and the whole series, took a bit of research for the Civil War and the Oregon Trail, more for the trail because the story spends a lot more of it's time there. Had to look up routes and forts and Indians. Did a bit of research on the wagons and what they carried. One wonders if you ever do enough though.

STEPH: How does the cover represent the story within?

TINA: The cover and title are integral to this part of the story and the dreams of the past that are haunting Rebekah. Those dreams keep her opening herself up to Matthew and love. Because, like I said earlier, she feels unworthy of him. The tree is a continuation from When Shadows Fall, it's barren still and the woman is looking out into the distant of her dreams.

STEPH: Rebekah is the heroine. What are her strengths? Weaknesses?

TINA: Rebekah is the Heroine, her strengths lie in the fact that she is willing to forgive and love. And she is pretty strong. She's also honest and kind. And has a gentle way about her. But like I said prior, she is afraid to open up and share her secret and let Matthew help her carry it. So while she's ready to forgive and help others, she's doesn't offer the same grace to herself.

STEPH: What does Matthew find appealing about her?

TINA: Matthew has loved her since she was young. Because of all the qualities mentioned above. Rebekah came from a harder background, so he's always wanted to care for her and protect her. He finds the woman inside, beautiful. Oh and she's pretty on the outside too.

STEPH: What's the theme of the novel?

TINA: The theme of the series would probably be facing the Shadows of life, whether good or bad. In this one, Rebekah has to face the shadow of her past. Of loss and sorrow. And Matthew tries to help her while he faces the trail and his own fears that he won't get through to his wife, and might lose her on the trail since it's so hard.

STEPH: As a writer, where do you draw inspiration from?

TINA: I draw inspiration from life and a lot of things: stories I might hear, dreams I have, things I see. My biggest inspiration comes from God. I believe he gave me this desire to write and my imagination.

STEPH: Do you have an ebook reader? If so, which one.

TINA: I have a Kindle. An older edition, about three years old now.

STEPH: Do you have any holiday traditions you'd like to share? Do you put up a real tree or an artifical one? When do you put the tree up?

TINA: We like to gather round the tree, turn of the house lights and light candles and turn on the tree lights and read the bible story. Usually we have hot chocolate and maybe a birthday cake for Jesus. We used to go caroling, but haven't been in years. We also go to the candlelight service at church.

I have a fake tree. Started using one after we purchased two trees in the same year and they both lost their needles. We used get a permit and cut down our own, but it can be kind of tough finding a well-shaped tree. We would tromp around for hours in the snow. See tree that looked like a likely prospect, with full boughs and somewhat tall in height. only to get to it and find it was three trees. So hello fake tree.


Tina Pinson resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband of thirty plus years, Danny. They are blessed to have three sons, and six grandchildren with another on the way.
Tina started her writing in elementary school. Her love of writing has caused her to seek creative outlets be it writing poetry, songs, or stories. Her WWII story Trail of the Sandpiper won third place in the Genesis in 2003. In the Manor of the Ghost and Touched By Mercy and When Shadows Fall Book 1 in the Shadows Series are available through Desert Breeze Publishers.

To Catch a Shadow the next installment of the Shadow Series about the civil war and the Oregon Trail, will be available, June 2013. To Carry her Cross will be available January 2013 and Then There was Grace a Sept 9/11 type story will be available Sept. 2013 and Christmas in Shades of Gray an offbeat Dickens type tale releases December 2013.

Matthew has braved the war and near death with one thought in mind… Rebekah. He won her hand in marriage, and now he has a few short months to make her see how much he loves her. How much he needs her. Given the wall she's put up between them, he prays he'll have enough time.

After fleeing the war, Rebekah is determined to go west to Oregon, only to be turned down when she tries to join the train. Matthew's proposal of marriage, in name only to help her west, becomes the miracle she needs. Loving him as she does, she dreads the idea of letting him go once they reach Oregon, but how can she ask him to stay with her, to love her? How could he love her once he's found out her secret? She must guard her heart and his.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome read. Love the cover!

  2. Thank you, LInda,

    I love the cover too. They did a wonderful job. Appreciate your stopping by. It is always nice to have company.

  3. Delores Goodrick Beggs26 November 2012 at 10:01

    The cover so speaks of secrets...I'll have to read this to see when the secrets come to light and dreams become possible...

  4. Delores,

    welcome to the blog, appreciate your comment. It is amazing how some secrets have to come to light before we can dream again.