Friday, 2 November 2012

Paranormal Excerpt - The Secret Door

My "working" cover for visual
inspiration as I wrote for "The
Secret Door."

Here is a special "sneak peak" excerpt from "The Secret Door." The excerpt could change from the final publication. Leave a comment today, Saturday, and Sunday along with your email and I'll select one winner to receive a PDF copy of one of the Budapest Moon Books, The Hungarian, The Count's Lair, or Danube in Candlelight, winner's choice.


Footfalls near the door caught his attention. The sweet, innocent scent of apples teased his senses. He swallowed. This woman was not Inna. The door opened and the lovely Sophia Varga walked in. She offered him a small smile and placed the tray she held on the nightstand before taking a seat next to the bed.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.
"You had a rough night."

She held up her hand. "May I touch you?"

He nodded. Sophia placed her palm against his forehead. "You feel hot."

"A fever is typical after a transformation," he replied.

She withdrew her hand. "Yes, it is. I've brought lotions and the elixir you need. Will you allow me to attend you?"

He pursed his lips, concern and curiosity making an odd mix. Where was Inna? After a long pause he acquiesced. "All right."

She plucked a glass off the tray and presented it to him. "Your elixir. Drink up. I'm sorry I wasn't able to come sooner. Konrad and I worked as fast as we could. You're lucky your butler is so knowledgeable about your dietary needs. He was a big help to me in the kitchen."

"Inna taught him. Where is she?" He sipped from the glass.

"She has a concussion." Sophia paused, offering him a sympathetic smile. "She had a deep gash behind her ear when she came to us last night. Rita, Tomas' wife, stitched the wound, but her pupils are still dilated and she's dizzy. Rita's with her now. As soon as Inna's better, Rita will send her to you."

"I have your word that's the extent of her injuries?"

"Yes." Sophia slid off his pajama bottoms, leaving only his undergarment covering his manhood. Then she took the jar of lotion and scooped out a handful, positioning herself near the end of the bed where his feet rested. As a wolf he needed the lotion, made of rose petals, camphor, and aloe, to heal his skin. Usually Inna applied the healing crème. Zoltan scooted toward the headrest, positioning his back against the board as he finished his drink. The liquid warmed his throat and heated his stomach. The elixir accelerated his healing factor and augmented it, giving his muscles and joints a chance to recover from their distended positioning as a wolf. Even now he internally felt the muscles and bone coming together in the break of his arm, and he felt the skin mending in his shoulder. Still, it would take days for the injuries to fully heal, but days would be infinitely more tolerable than weeks.

He glanced at Sophia. Determination furrowed her brow. Zoltan appreciated her initiative and her desire to take Inna's place. Sophia had a giving heart, one Zoltan admired. He leaned over and grabbed the wooden tray off the nightstand, quite a feat for him since he wasn't that good with his left hand. There was a plate of food on it - eggs, chicken, milk, and potatoes – items that helped his healing factor as well. Starving, he shoveled the food awkwardly into his mouth.

Sophia rubbed the lotion onto his foot and Zoltan drew in a sharp, involuntary breath. Adrenaline rushed through his limbs, sparking his feral attraction.

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  1. I'm always up for a new book, thank you :D

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  2. Great excerpt, Stephanie, as always.


  3. Thanks so much for popping in Breila and Toni. Breila I drew your name out of the hat. Congrats! I'll send you an email shortly. You have your choice of the following books:

    The Hungarian
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    Danube in Candlelight

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