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Author Spotlight - Excerpt from "A Gentleman and a Rogue"

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Enjoy the Excerpt!
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Alice nodded and Edmund brought up the rear. They skulked down the hall, made a right, and Keira placed her hand on the study's knob, twisting it. "Locked."

Alice withdrew a long, thin hair pick, slid it into the lock and the door clicked. "Impressive," said Edmund.

Alice flashed him a slight smile.

Keira walked in. "Oh, dear, we need a light."

Alice dug into her reticule and removed a small slender cylinder. She pressed a button and a beam of light shot out.

"Amazing! How did you do that?" asked Keira.

"It runs on a battery that generates electricity." Alice walked over to the desk and examined the locks. She fussed in her reticule some more, pulled out some picks and went to work.

Edmund stood next to Keira and placed his hand in the small of her back. "She's brilliant, don't you think?"

"A girl after your own heart, I see."

"Alice may have popped my dirigible, but I respect her all that much more for doing it." "You are incorrigible."

"Come, let's talk." He guided her away from the desk and next to the window. The drapes were pulled back, allowing the dim, natural light from the stars and moon to filter into the room. Keira's heart pounded in her chest. Determined to stay strong in Edmund's tempting presence, she crossed her arms.

"Did you tell me everything back in my study?" she whispered.

He looked her over seductively, talking softly. "I told you I would the next time I saw you, and I have."


He placed his hand on her shoulder, trailing his finger up the soft skin of her neck, cupping her cheek. His eyes never left hers. "I want to see you again. Soon."

"It isn't wise."

"I know. I don't care." His voice grew low and husky.

Keira hesitated. Her body thrummed with warmth from his touch.
Uncomfortable heat pooled in her core. She tried to fight, to set her resolve and step away from him, but she couldn't. His gaze riveted on her face and moved over her body slowly. "I didn't forget you. I
couldn't. You're never far from my thoughts."

Logic. She needed logic. "You're from the future. I'm your past."

He shrugged. "I don't see it that way."

Her knees weakened. "How do you see it?"

"I see a woman who enjoys being around me, who looks into my eyes with honesty and sincerity. She's clever and knows her own mind. She accepts me for what I am -- mischief and all."

She swallowed. Edmund made her toes curl. His thumb gently stroked her jaw, stoking the growing desire for him in her heart.

"This is impossible. You and me and time traveling..."

"No, it's not. Look at Alice and Grayson. It works for them."

She placed a hand over his heart, unable to resist. "I have to find a man in my own time."

"You have. You've found me." He put his hand over hers and squeezed her fingers gently.


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  1. Great excerpt! I would like to think she kisses him--- love conquers all!

  2. Thanks for popping in! You've won the PDF copy of Victorian Scoundrel! I'll send you an email shortly.