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7 Questions for J Morgan, Author of "Love To Stake Another Day"

J. Morgan is the author of several books, his latest is "Love to Stake Another Day," which was released this November with Desert Breeze. Without any further ado... J Morgan.


First off I'd like to thank Stephanie and the whole crew at Desert Breeze for letting me stop by the palatial Blog offices today. Gail, the Double Stuf Oreo basket was a nice touch. Stephanie told me it was nice in here, but I didn't believe her. But wow! Who knew they had Stargate SG-1 sofa throws. The Richard Dean Anderson Stand-up is a little creepy but hey, the Oreos make up for it.

#1 When did your muse first whisper in your ear?

I wouldn't say she whispered. It was more like a great big yell. I must have gotten one from the pushy muse division. Ow, that hurt. Steph, remind me not to bring her with me to this interview thingies.

Back to the point I was trying to make—if somebody will stop Gibb's smacking me upside the back of the head—I think it was sometime in 2005 I decided the computer was more than a nefarious tool to buy books off Amazon. It was really my wife who suggested I write. She'd been writing for a year or so and I think it was to get me to stop from reading over her shoulder.

Steph: It's great you have your wife's support!

Since that first big yell, I've been writing more or less nonstop for the past 4 years. There's been some hiccups along the way, but I try to write at least a paragraph a day.

#2 When did you first start collecting comics? What have comics given your writing?

Comic Books! Yes that is drool dripping off my chin. This may date me but my first comic was issue 2 of the Six Million Dollar Man. I still have it by the way. If I carry my 2, and subtract 13, I think the answer would be since 1976.

Before anyone laughs, comic books are great tools to learn story telling from. They are mini movies that can last for a single story or over many issues. When I started writing I wanted to adapt that type of story telling to my writing. Each chapter is like an issue of a comic to me. It has a definite start and with the final sentence I either tie up that particular conflict or attempt to leave the reader waiting breathlessly for the new chapter with a cliffhanger if possible. To be perfectly honest my approach to writing is very theatrical. I want the reader to see in words the movie playing in my head.

Steph: Hey, I'm a collector along with J, and I happen to agree with him - comics are great tools to learn story telling from. My uncle Charlie used to work for a book distrutor in Vermont and he'd bring home piles of comics. I think I first got into the Flash when he was married to Iris and then she died. Along the way, I found my Uncle Bill's comic stash from the 1950's in the back room. Ah, but this isn't my interview, is it? Sorry J. Let's just say that you and I have the tin foil hats on when it comes to comics!

#3 What's your favorite Star Wars movie and why?

Ohhhh, tough question. I'd have to go with New Hope. That was the first movie to inspire my imagination. I'm going to stop here, because you would have a thousand page book on all the reasons I love Star Wars. Before I go, I will say this. Star Wars is the perfect example of good vs. evil and redemption.

Steph: Ditto, J! I would say New Hope as well. Tin foil hats again.

#4 What's your favorite genre to write?

Has to be comedy. I love to make people laugh. With everything that's going on in the world, I want to offer a tiny oasis of fun for people to escape to. My books tend to go paranormal but you write what you read.

Next year I'll be stepping outside my comedy comfort zone with Immortally Yours, my first urban fantasy. It does have the comedy elements I'm known for, but it is a little darker in tone than I normally write. As an author I like to explore all the worlds available to me. Romance offers that so much more than other genres. I think that's what so great about Romance. The readers are open to new things. I believe they honestly want more from their books than getting from point A to point B. They want to be surprised with the wonder of new worlds. I can't think of one other genre that allows its writers to push the envelope this way.

Steph: (smiles)

#5 Where did you find the inspiration for "Love To Stake Another Day?"

Gail. After she read Love at First Stake, she asked, so where do you see this going? That put me on the spot and made me think. I'd left L@1stS open to a sequel when I originally wrote it and pretty much had an idea of where I wanted to go but the minute she asked me, I saw something more than I had in my head. Love to Stake Another Day wouldn't be a sequel, it would be the next chapter in a continuing story. Then I knew I had my Star Wars in hand.

Think of LAFS as Episode 1 done right. L2SAD is the beginning of the trouble to come and Love Free Stake Hard, Book 3, we'll get deeper into the storm to come and some answers I brought up in LAFS that will shock you. Okay, I'm zipping my lips now before the teasers start flowing.

Steph: haha!

#6 What's the favorite book you've written? Why.

The one I'm working on now. Honestly that's the truth. All my books have a special place in my heart, but as an author I want to move forward and get better with each book. One day I may look back and say yeah that's the one, but I don't think I've found it yet. I'm afraid when I do, that will be the time to quit writing.

#7 Do you cast your characters?

To a certain extend I do. I try to plant a seed of personality in my main characters from those closest to me. I think when you do that it gives a certain depth you can't get from imagination alone. The only celebrity I cast in my head as a character was Rudolpho. The minute his name hit my brain, Crispin Glover slapped his face on him. he was so weirdly disturbed in Willard and Charlie's Angels, I couldn't imagine anyone else playing him in my mind as I wrote the book.

Before I leave, I'd like to thank Steph again for having me. She might think I didn't notice her snitching my Oreos while I wasn't looking, but I DID! I'll let it slide this time. Hey! Where did the bouncers come from? I'll be good. I promise. She can have all the cookies. I need to go on a diet anyway.

Folks, thanks for stopping by. Hope you had fun, but I really need to be going now. Stephanie, don't tazer me! I said you could have the basket.

Hey cool comic book effect.


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  1. Hi Steph and J!
    Great interview! I haven't read your books yet but I definitely want to - read and heard so many great things about them. I love humorous stories and sounds like you're an expert at writing them, J.

  2. You can always tell a collector because they can share The Date or The Issue. *grin* Makes me crave The Big Bang Theory.

    Hmmm... I remember the blurb for Star Wars--High Noon in Outer Space. *heh-heh*

    Thanks for the Oreos! Great interview!

    --Chiron O'Keeefe
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