Monday, 2 November 2009

Featured November Release - Shut Up and Kiss Me

Desert Breeze is proud to release Chrystal Kincaid's latest - "Shut Up and Kiss Me."


Miss “All-Wrong”…

Gillie Dupree, once the terror of her small, south Mississippi hometown, was now the respectable almost-fiancée of a wealthy businessman and a wanna-be Junior Leaguer. With days full of volunteer work and good deeds, Gillie was convinced she had finally escaped the stigma of Hurricane Gillie. But when she accidentally aids and abets a kidnapping, she realizes being a force to be reckoned with has its advantages.

Meets “Mister Always-Right”…

By the time Jack 'J.P.' Preston had everything he wanted, the only thing he truly desired was the return of his eight year old daughter. After Jack’s estranged ex-wife virtually disappears with Hope, he vows to get her back no matter what it takes---even if it means enlisting the help of sassy, smart-mouthed Gillie Dupree, who rocks his well-ordered, sensible world on its axis.



"We need to talk," he said and pushed past her into the sitting room.

"I didn't invite you in," Gillie replied, slamming the door. "Why did you even bother knocking?"

He turned with his hands propped on his hips by his thumb and forefinger. The name Jack definitely suited him better than Preston with his tall, darkly handsome good looks, five o'clock shadow and weary gaze. Jack was a man's name. Preston reminded her of the preppy blond boys in high school who wore v-neck sweaters and played on the tennis team.

"I have nothing to say to you. I told Detective Wilson all I could remember and now I'm going home." Preston looked around the room, his eyes scrutinizing every corner.

"I didn't take anything. It's all here." Annoyed, she went around him into the bedroom, back to attacking her suitcase. Now that the object of all her fury was in the room, she was less enthusiastic about taking it out on her cousin's cherry red luggage.

"I never thought you would steal from me," he said quietly. Preston followed her into the bedroom, stopping at the foot of the bed where he watched her.

Gillie braced her knee on the bed and leaned heavily on the suitcase lid. The zipper moved an inch then got stuck again, the stupid leather pants must have swelled in all this humidity. Growling, Gillie shoved her hair away from her face.



All Chrystal ever wanted to be as a kid was a Solid Gold Dancer.

Lack of musical rhythm aside, she found dibilitating stage fright to be an impossible stumbling block. While the glitz and gold of dancing on national television was not in her future, she managed to console herself in romance novels.

Chrystal lives a beach bum life in Florida with her handsome soldier husband and three amazing kids.

Books by Chrystal Kincaid at Desert Breeze Publishing:

I'll Do Anything - April 2009

Shut Up and Kiss Me - Available November 2009

All Mama Wants for Christmas - Available December 2009


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