Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Reviews are in for "Angel with a Backhoe" by Deborah Kinnard


Diane Marshall knows loads -- live loads, dynamic loads, dead loads, all part of life as a construction manager. She's used to carrying hers, as a woman in a man's career. After her boyfriend fell hard for someone else, can her private load get any heavier?

In DeBrett, Paul Cameron funds the church renovation, so he's assigned to co-manage. Diane is stuck with adjusting to small town life and dealing with a widower who apparently wants a memorial to his lost wife. Paul is stuck working with a person who attracts him -- the last thing he wants.

Somehow this project will teach them to trust God in a whole new way. Now if they can only figure out how?


ANGEL WITH A BACKHOE was released in October 2009. Here some of the buzz:

4.5 Books
"Deborah Kinnard with her usual skill takes her characters and fires them with recognizable fears and failings. And then, as if that isn't enough she challenges them to search deeply and discover how much they trust their God. With equal skill she paints vivid scenes with every shade of word available, If I had any qualms it was with the occasional vagueness in her time-line, and Diane's return to work at the site the day following her operation."

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4.5 Books

"This book by Deborah Kinnard was such a great read. It possessed all the elements needed to create a top seller—from one extreme to the other. This book was like a roller coaster ride of emotions. I laughed. I cried. I cried some more. The one thing I did not do was get bored! Her main characters possessed traits which definitely pulled at my heart strings. They had faced, and endured, so much heartache. Both had emotional baggage but were struggling to allow God to work things for their good."

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  1. Whoa! Very nice to see. Thanks DBP for making this a better book!

  2. I'll have to read this book. I loved your first book in the series - Angel with a Ray Gun.

    Congrats, Deb!

  3. Hey, I love to share the reviews. Well deserved, Deb. Write on!