Thursday, 19 November 2009

Featured November Author Interview - Chrystal Kincaid

I'd like to welcome author Chrystal Kincaid to the blog. Chrystal has a great release out this month called "Shut Up and Kiss Me" here at Desert Breeze.

Welcome, Chrystal


So this is what the DBP Blog Office looks like! Personally, I like the Richard Dean Anderson cut-out. It reminds me of the Flat-Daddies we see around Air Force base when our daddies are deployed. Very life-like. Very sexy. Wicked papercuts, though. In case I forget, big thanks to Stephanie for inviting me to interview this month! You know us Leos -- we rarely get enough opportunities to talk about ourselves. ;)

Steph: I have no doubt Gail would appreciate a RDA cut out for the office. Might make a nice Christmas gift...hint...hint...Santa...

STEPH: What's the #1 favorite romance book you've read?

Hands down, my favorite romance is "Simply Irresistible" by Rachel Gibson. I read this book for the first time when I was 19 years old and I fell in love with her style and the easy way she makes me laugh out loud. Rachel Gibson's books also turned me on to Susan Elizabeth Phillips and both ladies possess a gift for pulling emotions from the reader in a way that inspires me everytime I turn the last page on one of their books.

STEPH: New authors for me to explore! I've never heard of these ladies.

Does your muse have a name? Tell me about your muse.

My muse.. ahh.. Well. Just between us---she's a total flake. Half the time I'm completely on my own trying to figure out what to do next and then suddenly --- She's breezing in with her blonde highlights flying, sporting a faux tan and hogging all the attention. I call her Bitch for many reasons, but mostly because it suits her sassy, in-your-face attitude.

STEPH: Chuckles...

Have you ever tackled NaNoWriMo before? Tell me how it's going this year.

Every year I think about it but this is the first year I have officially joined the fray. I was off to a magnificent start and was geared up for week two when life got in the way. I've fallen woefully behind but I will prevail!

STEPH: Hang in there. It's the first year I've tackled it, too. I'm keeping up, but gosh, it is very demanding!

If you had to cast your characters who do you see as "Gillie" and "Jack" from 'Shut Up & Kiss Me'?

I once read this article about building a collage of inspiration. I started by tearing pictures out of magazines that reminded me of the characters and the story. One day, I came across this awesome picture of Ashley Judd. She was sitting in a bubble bath with her hair in all these blond curliques, piled high on top of her head. She had this wide open, playful smile and she just looked so fun and guileless I thought "that's who I want Gillie to be." Jack was easier than that -- Guy Pearce's portrayal of Ed Exley in L.A. Confidential inspired Jack's exacting OCD and tortured desire for the wrong kind of girl.

STEPH: I love Guy Pierce! I am so there! I can't wait to read your book with Guy as the visual for Jack. hehe

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars since you like dancing?

I am more of an America's Best Dance Crew kind of girl. We rooted for the all-girl group, We Are Heroes, this season. We're all about girl power in our house! When I was a kid, I was drawn to performing in every way, shape, and form. I used to dance around the front porch and sing the theme song to Solid Gold and every year, we watched Grease and Grease 2 on television. My neighbor, Mandy Beeler, and I used to re-enact the Cool Rider scene and argue over who got to be Michelle Pfieffer.

STEPH: OMG! I LOVED Grease 2! When my son, Andrew was 2, he was really into all the singing and dancing. He loved "Back to Guools" and "The Bowling Song."

What inspired your novel, 'Shut Up & Kiss Me?"

I'm often inspired by the weirdest, most random moments in my life. One winter morning, very early, I was driving on my commute to work. There was a man walking along the side of the road carrying a small child. It was cold -- well, chilly by Florida standards anyway -- and the child was wearing a pair of footie-pajamas and a jacket. I pulled over and gave the guy and his kid a ride to the next gas station. After they got out, I thought about where they were going and what they would do about their broken down car. By the time I got to work, the first chapter of 'Shut Up & Kiss Me' was in my head begging to get out.

Edward or Jacob, from Twilight. Pick. Why?

I am firmly on Team Edward! I have several reasons, none of which have to do with Robert Pattinson. Edward's character has had the opportunity to become a man with a man's passion. He took his time finding his mate and once he did, she was worth sacrificing everything. Jacob is young, immature and impulsive. He has a boy's heart and a boy's love. It was appropriate that he imprinted on an infant child because they will grow and mature together.

Thanks Chrystal for popping in. Next time I'll have the Richard Dean Anderson cutout handy, or should I throw up an Edward Poster? hehe

Good luck to you and your next project!


  1. *le sigh* There's my Ricky.

    Awesome interview! :-) (I'm Team Edward, too, by the way... but my decision was based on the books - not the movies (although I'm enjoying them).

  2. I love Richard Dean Anderson. Great choice, Chrystal!

    Steph and Chrystal, fun interview!