Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Let's give a shout out to Gail Delany!

Just recently, Gail Delany, the Editor in Chief here at Desert Breeze was interviewed by the Examiner. (Out of Santa Ana, CA). I just had the opportunity to read it, (because let me tell it's been a HECTIC week, and I apologize for not reading it sooner!) and Gail does a wonderful job in the interview. That said I thought I'd share a few snipets from it and at the end of my blog entry, I'll have a link to the full article. If you get a get a chance, pop on over to it and read it.


You’ve recently launched a new publishing venture. What was your motivation?

Our main motivation in opening Desert Breeze Publishing was to offer a home for authors who didn't write erotica or erotica romance, and to offer one-stop-shopping for readers who prefer romance with less graphic sexuality.

There's no doubt that erotica is a huge seller. But, just as not all people who wear shoes want red stilettos, not all readers of romance want erotica.

What is unique about what you do?

Well, in an industry where most houses either publish one end of the spectrum or another, by offering books in a range of sensuality without erotica, we're a bit unique. But, we've also tried to be unique in how we relate to and take care of our authors and readers.

Having been in the industry for a few years before opening DBP, I knew what most publishers 'offered' their authors. We tried to take things a step further. While we have very specific standards for our cover art (basically, you won't find a bare chested man on any of them. In a sea of covers with bare chested men, more would just get lost), we also involve our authors. We ask them a lot of questions about their books and what they would like to have – and what they don't want – on their books. If the author isn't happy with the first cover, we try to find a compromise where everyone is happy. We want our cover art to be pertinent to the book, and not just cookie cutter romance.

What kind of submissions are you currently seeking?

As Editor-In-Chief, I'm personally excited about two genres that I've been 'pushing' for years now, but are just now being recognized as 'up and coming' genres. I want science fiction/futuristic romance where the science is well thought out, the stories are exceptionally well plotted, the stories are epic in proportion, but the romance is very real.

I also want 20th Century historical fiction. Books set between 1900 through the era of the Vietnam War. They can be set in the United States or Abroad, and can be set around any one of the many historical and world changing events of the last century. Or, they can just be a story set in another time.

Now, here is the totally off-writing subject question. What’s the coolest, wackiest, most risk-taking thing you’ve ever done?

Other than opening a publishing company? HA HA HA

I'd have to say moving from New Hampshire to California in 2008 on just a smidge more than a whim. My husband and I were both born and raised in New England, and for years, that really seemed like the only place we ever intended to live. Then a few years ago, we came to California for a week to visit a friend. We absolutely fell in love with the area, the weather, everything.

STEPH: I'd thought I'd throw in a picture of Portsmouth, NH just for Gail here in case she might be a smidgen homesick? **Smiles**


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