Thursday, 5 January 2012

Author Spotlight - Characte Interview with Talei

Keira Knightly, inspiration for "Talei"

Talei has taken time out from her busy life to answer a few questions about helping the dragons.

Q: Thank you Talei for agreeing to speak to us.

TALEI: You're welcome, but this won't take long will it? I've got a lot to do today.

Q: I'll try and make it brief. What was your life like before the dragons came?

TALEI: Maass, our settlement, was rural. We farmed and everyone helped each other. Kids learnt the basics in the school in the community hall. We were quiet and peaceful. Boring really.

Q: How did you meet the dragons?

TALEI: The first time I saw them they were burning Maass. Only the ones younger than me survived, so I had to take charge and lead them to Deen where we set up home in some caves.

Q: Did you manage to speak to them?

TALEI: Some time later a dying dragon spoke to me telepathically and asked me to help free his kind from the Pundra. Of course we didn't take his word for it. I contacted another dragon who agreed to meet us without his rider. He confirmed the dragons needed help to beat the Pundra.

Q: Who or what are the Pundra?

TALEI: Nasty, horrible little creatures with evil looking faces. They reminded me of the goblins in my mother's stories.

Q: Didn't it feel weird trying to help creatures who had killed your parents?

TALEI: I admit I had to do some soul searching before I tried to convince others to help the dragons. I couldn't bring my parents back, but by helping the dragons I might save other humans.

Q: The dragons were on the other continent, how did you cross the water?
TALEI: Adri had some experience with boats. Mind you we hadn't bargained on the huge storm that blew up when we were at sea.

Q: You obviously survived the storm. How did you do that?

TALEI: With difficulty. We worked together to survive. We encountered danger and hard times on the journey but looking back I knew we had no choice.

Q: So did you succeed?

TALEI: We... Adri don't put that there! Sorry I have to go.

Q: Thanks for talking to us. Oh she's gone.

MuseItUp Publishing (M/G)- Spirit Stealer; Reva's Quest
Desert Breeze Publishing - Blitz; Dragon Flame


  1. What an imagination you have! It sounds intriguing so here's wishing you many sales and happy readers.

  2. Wonderful inspiration. Keira Knightly is a true beauty!

  3. Thanks Talei for taking the time to visit! What fun!

  4. Talei's gone to work on the farm now, so I'll say thank you on her behalf. Thanks for all the comments. I'm enjoying this week, it's great.