Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Author Spotlight - Nancy Kay talks about Romance Novel Covers

When I write there are pictures in my head, vivid pictures of characters, locations or scenes. Upon completion, I must provide information for a vital document used to help create a cover to match the story - The Cover Art Input Sheet. I want my covers to reflect what readers will find inside, a hint of what they’ll discover between the pages. Covers help readers match their personal taste to a story, or, an intriguing visual will entice them to try something new and different.

My stories take place in and around the Great Lakes, a perfect ever-changing backdrop for mystery, suspense and, most important, love and romance. A turbulent lake can evoke fear and drama, or wild passion. The setting sun creates an atmosphere of intriguing romance, or the coming of darkness.

Since I live amidst rolling grape vineyards within walking distance of Lake Erie, I find it natural to transfer my love of these surroundings onto pages, while creating characters that come to love the beauty or fear the threat I create around them.

Using the lake to provide a background on my covers puts the reader into the scene, the location where the story will take place. Then add that subtle hint, a reflection on the water coupled with a shadowy figure for Deadly Reflection, and a turbulent lake behind the outline of a weapon for Deadly Revenge.

The final book in the series, Deadly Encounter, takes place in winter. Mother Nature’s wrath will play an important role as waves crashing on the shore become ice dunes. Sculptures that are breathtakingly beautiful, while at the same time, Deadly.

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  1. Stunning covers, and I have purchased books for the cover.

  2. Thanks, Laurel

    I agree, covers impact.


  3. An intriguing cover will often lure me as a reader and a bad one has the opposite effect. I think it's similar to the saying that we all eat with our eyes before our mouths. Beautiful covers and obviously great reflections of your stories.

  4. Thank you, Angela, well put. I think in the past, the focus tended to be on how to catch a reader's eye. However, sometimes to market books the connection between the actual story and the cover was lacking. Recently, I believe, we're seeing more covers reflect what's inside. And that's a good thing!