Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Author Spotlight - Sue Perkins talks about why she likes to write fantasy

I love writing fantasy. I start off with an idea and stew it over in my mind for some time, then write the first paragraph, page or chapter. Then I leave it for a bit longer. This is usually because I have other irons in the fire to finish before I can start giving the new manuscript my full attention.

I'm very much a pantser writer. I do not always plot or build my world at the beginning. Yes I have a rough idea what the world is - for example "Dragon Flame" had colonists who crash landed and settled on Nuer - an earth type world - without knowing there were dragons on the other continent. Once my fingers start hitting the keys the world and plot develop as the story unfolds and by the last page I have a manuscript to make into a publishable novel. The next part I love. Self-editing to take out all the little hiccups that occur when I concentrate on the content not the grammar. I find self-editing prior to submission gives my books more depth both in character and overall storyline.

Fantasy writing is only inhibited by the imagination and believe me I haven't found my boundaries yet. The wings of my mind take me on a journey when I'm writing. I see the scene, not clearly but as a blurry image and my fingers make it flow onto my computer screen. I always make sure I stop at an exciting part of the story where I know what is going to happen next. That way I can get straight back into it again without any trouble.

So why do I love writing fantasy. Two reasons, it lets my imagination run free and to be quite honest once I have the idea the story tends to write itself.

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  1. You have a remarkable process. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Sue, I so admire the ability of writers to do sci fi, fantasy. It is a special gift in my opinion. Thanks for your sharing. The best with sales.