Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Author Spotlight -Character Interview with Brett & Holly from Opposites Attract

Sally Fowke, owner of the 'Opposites Attract' dating agency, is interviewing Holly and Brett in London after their return from a weekend in Paris.

So Holly, did you enjoy Paris with the man we chose specially for you?

HOLLY. Paris was lovely and it was a pleasure to spend time with my mother.

Brett, I think the lady's being coy. How would you say the weekend went?

BRETT. Being a gentleman I'm not about to do a kiss and tell. Let's just say we had us a pretty good time didn't we sweetheart?

HOLLY. That's one way of phrasing it but how many times have I asked you to use my proper name? You wouldn't want me to revert to calling you a ..."

You two certainly have a little spark going. Are you both glad you signed up for my wonderful agency?

BRETT. It's sure been an experience. Y'all certainly know what you're doin.'

HOLLY. Oh for goodness sake -- when are you going to stop laying on the syrupy charm?

BRETT. When it stops workin' honey.

HOLLY. I've had enough I'm off.

But I haven't finished. I need a photo of you together for the newspaper.

HOLLY. I hope you're joking.

BRETT. What is it you Brits say? Don't be a spoilsport? Come here and snuggle into me.

HOLLY. Not in this lifetime.

I think we'll leave it for now. You're probably both tired.

BRETT. I sure am. She about wore me out.

HOLLY. That's it I've had quite enough. Miss. Fowke I'd appreciate you taking me off the agency's books. One weekend was more than enough.

Some women don't know when they're lucky, do they Mister Adair?

BRETT. They sure don't. But she will soon. I can promise you that.

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  1. Hello everyone - hope you enjoy finding out more about Holly and Brett as the sparks begin to fly between them. Love to hear what you think.

  2. Sparks is a great way to put it. Wow-- I wonder how these two will overcome their differences. :)

  3. Oops, looks like my husband is logged in. (It's me, JoAnn Carter.)

  4. Hi Angela,

    I enjoyed reading your character interview! Great and fun dialogue between Holly and Brett. Thanks for sharing.

  5. thanks for stopping by - the fun dialog between these two was huge fun to write.

  6. Do I sense some sexual tension? Holly & Brett are opposites for sure but as I'm reading your book the sparks are starting to fly!