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Author Spotlight - Excerpt from "The Green Rose"

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Excerpt from: "The Green Rose"

Sonia had never seen a city like Drakon. She pulled the reins of her horse, stopping the mare, and gazed at the city. It stretched out along the northern shore of the Krispin Sea. The smaller buildings were made of stone, brick, and wood, but the taller buildings with the spires appeared either steel or granite. The spires consisted of swirling colored patterns and thick ledges she guessed were made of granite. Several buildings also possessed huge onion domes with wide doors. To the northwest she spied a river. The Volga? It must have been close to a myle wide. Beside the waterway, a tall, sturdy keep framed the city's skyline with two onion domes and two spirals.

Ivánstan pointed. "That's my home, Drakon Castle."

Sonia whistled. "Impressive. I've never seen onion domes or spirals used in buildings."

"King Xeres discovered the onion domes proved to be an excellent size and shape for a dragon's aerie."

"Are they granite?"

"Aye. King Eric the Great of Ravenrock allowed King Xeres to mine a granite quarry near the Ravenrock city of Faroe. The larger buildings of the city have a granite base."

"Where are the dragons?"

Again, Ivánstan pointed, toward the south. "The royal dragons prefer to live in those caves, though it's not uncommon to see them flying overhead."

"Amazing." A sense of awe overcame Sonia. She couldn't deny the exotic appeal of Ivánstan's home.

"I'm only sorry we won't be visiting the castle this time."


"I don't think it wise. I know a tavern owner near the docks, Saltier. He can be trusted. We'll rent a room at his inn, rest our horses, and collect supplies for our journey into the forest. Tomorrow morning at first light, we'll continue."

She arched an eyebrow. "Are you embarrassed to show me your keep?"

"Nay, practical. It's not wise to announce our presence in the city. Too many questions would be asked of us and I don't want to scare the citizens into a panic."

She pursed her lips, unable to hide a hint of disappointment. His reasoning and logic made sense, but he could have shared his thoughts with her during today's journey. Then she glanced at her tunic.

"I wear the royal tunic of Tapin and you wear Daháka's."

"We'll make do for now. I'll have Saltier procure us tunics belonging to Cason's banner house so we won't attract immediate attention." He paused and studied her face. "Did I offend you?"

"I do think your plan has merit. I'm tired and I know the horses are, too, but I would have preferred you told me sooner."

His dark eyebrows slanted. "I'm sorry. When I make a decision, I carry it out. I don't often ask for another opinion."

"Then I would appreciate being consulted." She placed a hand on her hip and glared at him.

Ivánstan made a fist and placed it over his mouth as he coughed. "I'm sorry."

She shucked on the reins of her horse and proceeded forward at a brisk pace. Ivánstan quickly caught up. "I have a suggestion."

"A suggestion or an order?"

Eight hundred years ago on the continent of Gaia, war rocked the countries of N'Gasse, Tapin, Daháka, and Ravenrock. The fearsome wyldebeasts of the black east threatened to destroy the known world. King Xeres of Daháka gathered the most powerful magicians of Gaia along with Queen Rhysia of N'Gasse, King Erik of Ravenrock, and Nyla, the High Priestess of Tapin at Komodo Field.

Daháka brought pollen taken from the bees of the Tagrassé Forest. N'Gasse brought sap from the old mahogany trees. Tapin presented dust from falcon eggs. Ravenrock offered a rose. Together, they forged the indestructible green rose, a harbinger of powerful magic.

Using the green rose, the nobles and peoples of Gaia fought the wyldebeasts, led by the dark wizard, Augustin. Once the evil threat was defeated, the Eastern Wall was built along Ravenrock's borders to keep the foul wyldebeasts out of Gaia. Ravenrock was given the responsibility of guarding the 50,000 kilometer granite barrier.

King Xeres feared those who harbored evil in their hearts would seek the green rose. He tasked three witches to guard the flower and sent them into the heart of Tagrassé Forest.

Now, hundreds of years later, the peace of Gaia is once again threatened.


Stephenia Mcgee, Author "A Legacy of Lies"
Stephanie Burkhart weaves a delightful blend of action, intrigue and adventure into her fantasy romance, The Green Rose.

Regina Andrews, Author of "Destiny's Designs"
"The Green Rose" reaches the reader on an emotional level that rings very true and very sincere.

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