Thursday, 26 April 2012

Author Spotlight - Jillian Chantel casts her hero!

My hero in this story is based on the British actor, Jeremy Northam. This actor first came to my attention in 1995 when he played the villain in The Net with Sandra Bullock. I have this terrible habit of digging the bad guys in the movies (I mean, really, who would want Kevin Costner when you could have Alan Rickman?)

Anyway, back to Jeremy Northam. He was such a sexy, handsome bad guy in that film, I fell in love with him. Soon enough, he played a good guy, Mr. Knightley in Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow. I fell harder for him with that film. A fan was born and I’ve followed his career since then. He has a great filmography and I recommend checking him out.

My Dirk looks like Jeremy in my head. I like the reader to find the hero’s looks in his or her own mind, but when I think of Dirk McSwain, it’s Jeremy Northam I see.

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  1. He definitely says /gambler/ and so does your name choice. And I'm with you on the Alan Rickman thing, too! I have a very hard time "casting" my characters with actors. Now and then it works for me, but not often.

  2. he is good looking guy! i like his charisma, too. good choice!

  3. Jeremy is a cutie and versatile. My RL is fashioned after a friend with a health bit of extras thrown in!

  4. Thanks Naomi- I think character names are very important and should "fit" the personality of the person. Jeremy looks very Gambler to me esp in these shots. AND yeah, Alan Rickman can be my hero anytime! Most of the heroes I "cast" are British. I love Brits.

    Thanks Patty- he definitely has charisma in spades! (pun intended since he's my gambler)

  5. Shaunna- he definitely is versatile AND so handsome.

    Love that you fashioned RL around a friend!

  6. I like the look with the hair mussed a bit. Great choice.

  7. I DO like the mussed hair, too Lavada. Dirk's hair always tended to fall over his forehead.