Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Author Spotlight - Lynette Endicott talks about Animals in her writing

I didn't have pets when I was a child, not ones that were mine. When I married, my husband had no interest in them, either. Then when my daughter was 14 a neighbor cat had kittens in our back yard, and much like Paige, we were quite taken with them. I thought we should take them to an animal rescue place, and when she asked why, told my daughter that her Dad wouldn't want them. She uttered four words that have changed my life. "Why should he decide?"

Three cats, two dogs and a bird later (shared between our households now that my daughter is grown and married)... I am an avid animal lover, but still a novice when it comes to how to live with pets. My latest learning curve has been with Georgie, the cockatiel that landed on my deck last summer. He was underweight, starving, and we couldn't find an owner so I learned about birds.

The cats we adopted when my daughter asked her fateful question are the ones that show up in Paige's back yard in the book. Our third cat shows up in my next release, the Time after Time book, Animal Instinct.

My dog and I have an especially close relationship, because he is a certified therapy dog. He and I volunteer together, and go to a nursing home every week, a hospital every month, visiting the residents/patients. We also visit a library once a week, where children read out loud to Ollie. He lays patiently beside them and doesn't ever correct them, and when they finish he does a trick for them, and they get to give him a treat.

My life is richer with my animals and I will probably always work an animal or two into my stories.

Review Snippets:

I read More Than a Job and enjoyed it so much! I loved the characters, loved her occupation and the way you included the group homes and residents in the story. I'm a retired ER nurse, so I always love stories with health care issues. I've never read anything that had group homes in it, either. You must be so thrilled. I'm definitely reading book 2 when it comes out.

Sheri Humphreys
2012 Golden Heart Finalist

This review is from: Starting Over Book One: More Than a Job (Kindle Edition)
I have not stopped reading since I bought the book this morning. The characters are fun and it is an easy read! Great new author, as this is her first book to be published! Starting Over Book One: More Than a Job , Amazon reader/purchaser.

Available now - Book 1 Starting Over Series: More than a Job

Coming August, 2012 - Animal Instinct
First of the Time after Time Saga with Tami Dee

Coming October, 2012 - Book 2 Starting Over Series: Return of Joy


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  1. I love animals, too. We have a rabbit, mainly because my husband refused to have anything bigger. LOL. But our rabbit is such a part of the family. My husband might grumble about him, but my son and I have so much fun with him. I just tell my husband, "Well, we don't give YOU away when you poop!"

  2. Lovely post, Lynette. It sounds to me you have a very large and caring heart. I bet the animals in need migrate to your home because they know they will be loved. Good for you!

    Nice getting to know you better today.

  3. Thanks for checking in. Animals help make us better people, I think. That is another reason they will usually find their way to the books I write.

  4. I loved hearing about your animals! Wonderful post!

  5. Thanks, Stephenia. Glad you stopped by.

  6. How fun! How delightful Paige is! Thanks for sharing your animals.

  7. Thanks, Laurel. Glad you enjoyed meeting Paige. I like her so much she finds her way into my October release, Book 2 of the Starting Over Series, Return of Joy.

  8. I have a black and white cat too. Her name is Sassie and she fits her name. We also have a yellow lab and wild cats we feed outside. Personally I'm more of a cat person but my husband is a dog person so we had more dogs than cats. Animals are great comfort and companions. I enjoyed reading about your pets. Good luck with More Than A Job.

  9. Thanks, Susan. My animals have made my life richer, and in our household the cats and dogs are pretty good friends! My dog Ollie is curled up next to the cat that appears in the next book. It is chilly here and they are keeping each other warm.