Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Author Spotlight - Jillian Chantel shares her thoughts on the Queen Mary

I visited the Queen Mary and spent two nights on board as part of my research for this story, The Gambler. My cousin and I had a wonderful time. We took two tours, the behind the scenes one and the ghost tour. We each had our cameras and caught some orbs on them. One was particularly well defined. There is a story that a child drowned in the pool and haunts the area. We caught an orb in there. We heard a lot of ghost stories on the tour and it was very sad to think that souls may be stuck there.

We had two experiences that may or may not have been paranormal. One, I’m convinced was not a dream and the other was an air conditioner issue that may just be a glitch in the system.

Our room at the back of the ship kept getting colder and colder. It was March so it was still kind of cool anyway in Southern California, but we couldn’t get our room warm at all. I finally called the front desk and they sent down a maintenance man. He walked in, looked around and said, “Oh yeah, this is that room.”

We asked what he meant and he said that no matter how many times they’d come down to fix the thermostat, that it reverses itself. So, in order for us to be warm, we had to turn the air conditioner on the coldest it would go and to be cool, we’d have to turn on the heat. How wild is that?

The other experience was mine. It was about three a.m. I was sound asleep and suddenly, very loud, right in my ear, was a sound, “psst, psst.” I turned over, thinking it was my cousin who was trying to get my attention. Nope. She was sound asleep, facing the other direction with her ear plugs in. So, I leapt up and went in the bathroom. I paced around and then said out loud, “Go away, I don’t have time to talk to you. I need to sleep.” Then I went back to sleep with no other disturbances.

I didn’t tell my cousin about the experience until we were in the airport. She said thank God I didn’t because she would’ve ran out of the room and never went back. I somehow knew that. LOL.

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  1. Yeah. I try very hard NOT to visit places with high paranormal activity. Ghosts freak me out. :)

  2. Laurie- I enjoy it but it is also sad at the same time- you have to be bold to do it. I can understand the fear as I've also felt some malevolent spirits as well. I like the sweeter ones.

  3. Oh, very creepy! That would have kept me awake all night! You're much braver than I am. :)

  4. Oh, very creepy! That would have kept me awake all night! You're much braver than I am. :)

  5. Blogger wouldn't let me sign in, but this is Gail Delaney...

    Jenifer and I stayed on the Queen Mary a few years ago. It's a beautiful ship, very nostalgic, but we've got some interesting stories. I can't say "It's hot" with her shivering. :-) We had things happen with money, jewelry, etc. And I have some orb shots, too.

    Still... lovely.

  6. Patty- It wasn't my first encounter with something like this so I knew how to handle it (sort of- LOL!)

    Gail- I wish we'd shared stories about the ship when we were in Chicago. I'd love to hear your experiences. Sounds like you had some neat experiences (not sure Jenifer would agree with my thinking they were neat! LOL!)

  7. I don't seem to be sensitive to paranormal things. I never experience them. But I love to stay in unusual places and The Queen Mary is on the top of my list.

    Great pictures.

  8. Thanks re: pictures, Lavada. You definitely need to stay on this beautiful ship. It's spectacular - the wood grains alone are so impressive- there's like 49 different woods used throughout the ship.

  9. Thanks for the inkling. I had my share of clinging restless spirits, though and wouldn't want to meet more.

  10. I had one cling to me as well, Vijaya and it was bad until I got it to go back where it came from. I sometimes still smell the cigar smoke from it.

  11. How interesting and scary. I don't think I'd be able to stay on a ship with ghosts. It'd freak me out too much. You are very brave.

  12. Thanks Susan. It was very interesting but if you're not sensitive to the spirits, it wouldn't bother you. My cousin enjoyed the stay and she didn't sense anything at all ghostlike. I'm just very sensitive to those kind of things.