Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Author Spotlight - Character Interview with Dr. Wilson from "It's Complicated"

Angela: Good morning, Doctor Wilson. I'd love to talk to you about Emily and Ash if you've got time before your next patient.

Dr.W: I'm not about to tell you anything they wouldn't tell you themselves.
Angela: Of course not, I'm just interested in finding out more about them both. Why don't you start with Ash, I believe he's your nephew?

Dr.W: Yes, he's my late sister Laura's youngest boy. His proper name's Charles but I'm about the only one who calls him that these days.

Angela. Why do you smile when you talk about him?

Dr.W: The darn boy always makes me do that, against my better judgment. From a little boy he was always the troublesome one. Too much energy and hopeless at obeying rules, that's Charles.

Angela: Is he an only child?

Dr.W: No, he's got an older brother, John, who's quite different being very responsible and law abiding.

Angela: You're fond of Ash though, aren't you?

Dr.W: I didn't ought to be. His family used to send him to me when he'd been a nuisance and I'd try to get him to behave. He wouldn't come when he got older and I hadn't seen him for a long while until the other day when he turned up on my doorstep. I'm pretty sure he's up to no good again.

Angela: What's the problem?

DrW: He hasn't told me the full story yet but it's something to do with his poker playing. No sort of life for a decent man in my opinion, but I'm just an old country doctor so what do I know?

Angela: What do you think about his...interest in Emily Worthing?

Dr.W: I'm not happy about it. She's a good girl, I've watched her grow up and she hasn't had an easy life recently.

Angela: In what way?

Dr.W: None of your business, young lady. Let's just say that the last thing she needs is to get mixed up with my flighty nephew.

Angela: Maybe she'd be the making of him. The proverbial love of a good woman might sort him out.

Dr.W: Poppycock. It'd take more than that to straighten the boy up.

Angela: So you don't see there being anything lasting between them?

Dr.W: Not in a million years. He'll run off back to his wild lifestyle as soon as it's safe to do so, and if she's not careful young Emily will be left with a broken heart.

Angela: Right, well, I understand. Thanks for sharing your insights with me and I'll be interested to see if you're proved right. I hope for their sake you're wrong.

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  1. Doctor Wilson's a shrewd man but are you with me in hoping he's wrong this time?