Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Author Spotlight - Pictures that inspired "A Hometown 4th of July" setting

Max Tate's blond haired parents didn't have to tell him he was adopted. If he finds his birthmother, he'll discover his identity.

When he meets Lynn Marshall at the annual Fourth of July celebration in Ft. Freedom, he believes her skills as a research analyst can help him find his mother.

But when Lynn and Max go in search of his mother on Cascade Island, he finds she died two weeks before. He turns his back on Lynn and his God. Can Max find his true identity and be free to celebrate another Fourth?

The Tate Estate. Max lives over
the garage in back.

100 year old church where
Max worships.

The local drugstore where Lynn
discovers an important clue.

The ferry terminal

Where Max gave Lynn her Bible.

View of Puget Sound from the Tate Estate


Here's the link for the trailer.

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