Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Author Spotlight - Sadie Cuffe asks: Is love blind?"

I love this story, and it’s not just because I heart the Civil War era. Ironically, before publication, someone said our heroine was “dumber than Lois Lane” -- UGH! That’s the author equivalent of getting stung by a killer bee and going into anaphylaxis writing shock. While in the ER of my brain, I ran down the vitals of the book and gave myself mental CPR (not easy, but so far I’m still alive).

We take any critique seriously, because it makes us better, so I looked at our heroine through a microscope as I thought about Lois Lane. There’s nothing LL doesn’t dare to do. She’s been around for decades and is still a gutsy heroine who’s an American icon. She thinks for herself, she’s a confident woman who dares to speak up, and she’s always helping people. We’re in good company.

Unfortunately, I know the critic wasn’t talking about Lois’ accomplishments. All of us want Lois to get together with Superman, but do we really want her to know he’s Clark Kent? It’s part of the intrigue of the romance. Her heart constantly nudges her to confront Clark, but maybe LL wants Clark as a friend (as in no Daily Planet workplace romances) and Superman as a boyfriend. Since LL isn’t our character, we can’t know. But whoever coined the phrase “love is blind,” wasn’t far off the mark.
Sophie and I bought a used car once and thought it was immaculate. We loved it at first sight. After we got it home we noticed scratches on the window, little burn marks in the seat – but we still loved it. So if our heroine looks with her heart and not her eyes, we like to think she’s entitled, because, like LL, we’ve all been there and done that.

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