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Author Spotlight - Excerpt from "A Hometown 4th of July"

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Max reached in the bottom of the envelope and allowed his hand to investigate. A sturdy piece of paper. His heart raced again. Was it what he'd hoped? His eyes perused the document. "Lynn, it's my birth certificate. Las Cruces General Hospital. Eight pounds seven ounces. Look, my footprints." He turned it over and back again. "But nothing about my mother other than her name." No clues to finding her.

The last item was a yellowed envelope with the words To Max. Max sucked in a breath and opened up the letter hand-written in English on lined notebook paper. He handed it to Lynn not trusting his voice."Could you read it for me?"

"I'll try." She cleared her throat. "To my hijo Maxwell. Please, my son. Someday you forgive me. It best for you I let you stay wit Mr. and Mrs. Tate. Dey good parents to you and give you mucho. I can no do. But me hijo, I always love you. Your Mama."

Lynn dropped the paper in her lap, covered her face with her hands, and sobbed. She shook her head and looked at him. "I'm sorry, Max. This is hard for me, too. When you care about someone…"

Max placed the envelope back on the coffee table and closed the gap between them. He pulled Lynn to him and laced his arms around her. Her tears moistened his neck as she held on to him. He wasn't sure how long they clung to each other.

Finally Lynn turned to lean back on the couch. Max lifted his arm and drew her to his chest. He laid his head on the couch pillow and closed his eyes. The envelope held a snapshot of his origins, his blood relatives. He sighed resting his chin on Lynn's head, and she snuggled closer to him.

No words filled the air, only the sound of the ticking clock on the wall in the kitchen. The sun sank lower in the western sky and shadows began to silhouette the mountains. For once in his life, Max found hope. He was almost there. His identity. Lynn had quieted, and he trusted his voice again. "I've got to find her. There must be some clue here."

Lynn sat up straight and placed her hand on his arm. She wrinkled her forehead. "Is there anything else left in the envelope?"

He peered down into it. "No, that's all."

She massaged her temple. "You didn't find anything with her social security number?"

"No." Had he stumbled on the envelope only to discover he wasn't any closer to locating her?

Lynn gasped and drew her hand to her mouth. "We found the card with her birth month and date. We know she was twenty-three when she gave birth to you, and you're twenty-five now. Max, I think I have enough to go on to find where your mother lives."

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  1. Sounds intriguing. I have an adopted son and he tried to find his birth mother with no luck.

  2. Jackie, That was the case with Marshall Foster, my brother-in-law, but finally state laws in Alabama changed and he was able to look into it with the help of a friend who did geneology and my husband's computer skills.

  3. Thanks everyone who supported June during her week in the spotlight. Congrats to Jackie who wins a copy of a Hometown 4th of July!

    Moderator Steph